Tips on how to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus at Home

groceries disinfection tips

Taking steps to ensure the safety of you and your family in your household from Covd-19 is very important during this time. As there are many measures in place on how to be safe while outside with the rest of the community, it is very important to note some safety measures while in your own home. Caring for your household extra cautiously will ensure the safety of your family and leave you feeling at ease. Here are some cleaning recommendations that you can do as a daily routine around your house to help prevent Covid-19 from entering and staying in your house.

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Air Quality in Your Facility

Ventilation cleaning in commercial building - commercial cleaning barrie

Why is the air quality so important in every building?

The air quality is super important for the health and comfort of the occupants of any facility and building. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutants causing serious health risks.

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Restaurant Cleaning Checklist

restaurant table cleaning - restaurant cleaning services GTA

Due to Covid-19 we need to be extra cautious with our cleaning and be as diligent as possible.

With the reopening of restaurants, we are making sure to take extra precautions and protocols to make sure we do an effective restaurant and kitchen cleaning job. The safety and health of the people is our main concern and a safe clean environment is our main goal.

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The foundation of our job

floor cleaning in office building - janitorial service company GTA

MCA has been a valued cleaning service for many years. The years of experience has allowed the company to create the best outline and plan for every single job. Working with the best cleaners, using quality equipment and having a set foundation is the key for a successful cleaning service.

This blog will outline the foundation of MCA cleaning service and give a better understanding of the cleaning service we provide.

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