The Harsh Reality that Winter has on Your Hardwood Floors

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Winter months are here, and we need to prepare! This season is not only harsh to us but to our floors as well. This frightful weather is when we need to start worrying about what we’re tracking into buildings and offices from the outdoors.

The snow melting materials being carried from outside can cause serious problems to your hardwood floors. Due to the freezing cold temperature this causes ice to develop, so in order to keep everyone from slipping salt and sand are put out all over the city grounds. These harsh materials can cause floors to tarnish, as well cause slippery and dirty surfaces from the snow and mud.

During this season it’s hard to prevent these substances from entering any building, and that’s why it’s really important to schedule a monthly winter clean in order to keep your facility clean and safe from these harsh conditions.

Salt and Sand

There are a few reasons why salt and sand are detrimental to your hardwood floors;

1)    Discoloration

o   The foot traffic attracting the snow from the outdoors will most likely attract salt as well as they get trapped on the thread of your boots. This will usually come in the form of a white outline or cluster of salt mixed with water and mud. Road salts have a high pH in it that will break down the floors underneath leaving it very vulnerable. If this substance is left too long on the wooden floors it can cause discoloration.

2)    Scratches

o   When salt gets brought in from the outside on the bottom of your shoes, this will act as sandpaper to the floors. This will be no match for those beautifully finished hardwood floors and scratch everything in its sight leaving it with only imperfections and marks.

3)    Drying out

o   Road salt and sand dries out materials. It will pull out the moisture out of your floors and break down the bottom of it leaving the underneath completely vulnerable, leaving it to be susceptible to other damages besides drying out and splinting afterwards.

 Temperature Changes

Another thing to be aware of are the temperature changes constantly going on in the winter. During the harsh winter, the heat is usually cranked up inside of buildings as this will cause all types of floors to contract or expand. Solid hardwood floors fluctuate with conditions in their environment and either expand with humidity, or contract when it decreases.

These are the natural reactions to wood conditions in these types of environments. When the floors contract this will often leave thin cracks or gaps between the planks causing water, mud, dirt and salt to get trapped in between the wood. Once these harsh substances resonate underneath the wood, the floors will begin the deteriorate and be completely damaged.

It is really important during the winter season to hire a commercial cleaning service to keep floors cleaned during the harsh months. The foot traction of mud and snow creates a filthy environment in every workspace, building, restaurant and will be the first thing people notice walking into a building. Our successful team of professionals at MCA Group will make sure your floors are spotless and clean all season long. No matter how much salt and snow comes our way we will make sure every gap and crack is cleaned to perfection.

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