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Toronto Janitorial Services start here! MCA Group cleaners are categorized as the cleaners who are intended to do the routine cleaning in universities, schools, colleges, medical buildings, and institutions. We are highly diversified in products and services, customers, end markets across geographical regions.

School, College and Univesity Cleaning Services in Toronto

The cleaning products of MCA Group are formulated to meet all the needs of the diverse institutions today. Keeping a school clean is an important responsibility for us. We are providing high-level cleaning services to meet and surpass all the requirements needed to ensure a safe, healthy and attractive study environment for students.

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MCA Group is very much dedicated to providing cleaning services to private and public schools, college and university campuses, day cares and student residents. We understand that institutional buildings need to have a constant, careful and detailed cleaning attention. We are not only a busy and high loaded area but also a broad range of needs, which school administrators, teachers, students, and visitors should get. MCA Group is making sure that our staff is meeting these challenges with care, flexibility, professionalism to meet all the needs of schools.

The services that MCA Group provides include the following:

deep cleaning services
  • High-level janitorial cleaning along with an intense attention to have a touch point cleaning
  • after school event cleaning services especially for large gatherings
  • even when there are no classes, we are still working. The vacation time allows us to give an opportunity to work on those full cleaning programs and individual projects, which cannot be done when the classes are ongoing.
  • MCA Group can cover third party use of schools and community events
  • a day, evening and weekend cleaning coverage

School/College/Univesity Cleaning Services in GTA & York Region – we Clean Offices, Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Commercial and Industrial Business.

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The use of non-toxic and infection control and other environmental safe cleaning materials are one of the high concerns of MCA Group. To make sure that highest level of cleanliness and safety, all the MCA Group cleaning staffs are assigned to those primary and secondary schools to effectively screen and clear all those vulnerable sectors. Aside from that, all the backup personnel of MCA Group is assigned to augment staff or serves as a substitute for the regular staff scheduled in the day is also cleared and screened for those vulnerable sectors.

MCA Group is insured and certified. All our cleaning janitor members are highly supervised and fully bonded to provide the best and the highest quality of service that all schools, universities, institutions, campuses and day care needs. MCA Group is going to make sure that the school where you are in will have a clean, safe and healthy environment for it to become conducive to learning.

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Therefore, if you are in need of a janitor that will give an excellent and intensive cleaning service for your school, then MCA Group is the one that you should look for. With MCA Group, you can have the assurance that you will get only the best and the highest level of cleaning service, which your school and its people deserve to have.

If your institution is located anywhere in Ontario and is seeking for professional cleaning and janitorial services, call MCA group today! We will ensure that your school is clean. We offer janitorial cleaning services in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, and across the GTA as well as York Region. Call us for pricing and scheduling. Our janitors are ready to ensure that your school, college, university and institution clean and tidy.

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