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How Our Fire Damage Restoration Works in Toronto

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One of the worst accidents that could happen in a commercial property is fire. This one will leave you nothing but fire consumed building structure and if you are lucky, some of your things inside your place. Good thing that some restoration service providers offer the most efficient restoration of fire hit properties. Not all service providers are the same, though. There are those that are creating a lot of buzz due to their massive marketing campaigns, and there is MCA Group, the only trusted Commercial Cleaning Company for years.

While many fire restoration companies are talking about how they would restore fire consumed properties, MCA Group has already created a well-structured provider-client workflow. Below is a detailed step by step instruction

Fire Damage Restoration Step by Step

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Step 1: Initial Contact. Fire restoration entails immediate attention, so every contact is treated with emergency action. In most cases, it is the client that contacts the service provider to provide the necessary information on the fire case. The provider will then recommend for inspection and assessment of the fire damage. If the client agrees to the terms, the team of experts in fire restoration will be dispatched.

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Step 2: Assessment. Assessing the extent of the fire damage is the first thing that the teams of experts from the service provider do. Then they will again recommend the course of action. If both parties agreed, then the experts will immediately move to the next phase of their job, and that is to start the restoration going.

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Step 3: Reinforcement of structures. A fire consumed structures are no longer strong to hold up. For safety reasons, the experts will reinforce the boards and then the roof if they feel that there is a need to. If none, then they will move to drying everything in the area.

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Step 4: Water damage restoration. In most cases, the property will be wet due to the firemen trying to save the property from fire. The experts will now extract water out if there is a need as well as dry the area. These things are important to keep soot and foul smell from building up. For more details read about flood restoration here.

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Step 5: Smell of Smoke removal. If there is still a smell of smoke or presence of smoke, the experts will start vacuuming it out for a fresher and cleaner air in the property.

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Step 6: Cleaning of the property and Repair. In all fire consumed incidents, the most important thing is to clean and restore the property. This is where the total recovery of the area starts in, and sure enough, MCA Group does this best.


Step 7: Total Restoration. Now, the task is complete, and the fire damaged structure and property is once again back to its original form or better yet to a better form.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Toronto & York Region – we Also Clean Offices, Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Commercial and Industrial Business.

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Why settle for anything less when you can always get the full service of MCA Group? Contact now! We offer excellent fire restoration services in Toronto, the GTA and York Region.

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