Why Office Cleaning Is a Must in Winter

office winter cleaning

While office cleaning should be a priority at all times of the year, winter cleaning is even more important. As soon as temperatures drop at the beginning of fall, the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu increases significantly. There is also the white smudges and the dirt that your staff and clients are bringing in from outside onto your floors. This is why it is important to keep your workplace in check particularly during the winter. Continue reading

How to Avoid Salt Stains on Commercial Carpet

carpet cleaning

Winter is coming, and before you know it, snow is right outside the door. With snow come the all-too-familiar white stains to defile our carpets, but when it comes to commercial carpets, more specifically, the impact of rock salt and other products used to melt snow is more significant. Continue reading

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Checklist

modern restaurant entrance

As the saying goes, “People eat with their eyes first”, includes not just the presentation of the food but also the ambience in which one eats it. A successful restaurant no doubt depends on the taste and flavour of its cuisine but also the look and feel of the place. People pay for the experience they receive at a restaurant or hotel and expect the eatery to be clean and inviting.

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Is It Time to Get Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

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We spend about 1/3rd of our day in the office and more than half our lives in the workplace. Therefore, a clean office is as important as a clean home because a clean workplace generates healthy ideas and a healthy workforce in general. However, your office may not be as clean as you think as so many people use the office space, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

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Green Cleaning – Better Living Today!

dust pan with flowers to represent green cleaning

As the world is increasingly becoming aware and active about reducing carbon footprint, wastage and recycling, following green cleaning practices at home and at work go a long way in improving the health of homeowners and office employees, clients and visitors.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen is the backbone of any restaurant or hotel as it has a high volume output and its smooth functioning is essential to the success of any hospitality related establishment. Commercial kitchen cleaning is extremely essential in keeping the kitchen running seamlessly and for the equipment and appliances to last longer without hiccups. It is part of the overall maintenance and should not be ignored to avoid accidents and fires.

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Flood Damage Cleanup

flood clean up

If your home or business has been affected by flood, it is best to call professional cleaners before you start living or working in the affected space again. Floodwater can be contaminated and is likely to cause mold, which can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Apart from damage to furniture, electrical appliances may also malfunction after a flood. Post-flood cleanup should be done by cleaning specialists as they have specialized equipment and they are better equipped to clean and restore damaged areas. Professional cleaning of the house also ensures each spot has been sanitized and is fit to live in again. Continue reading

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

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You spend a lot of time and effort in decorating your home and carpets play a big role in adding a touch of your personality to your house. From expensive silk carpets to hand-woven rugs, they make any living space seem sophisticated and homey. Regular carpet cleaning is a crucial aspect in making your beautiful carpets last longer and retains their colour and sheen. Continue reading