Air Quality in Your Facility

Why is the air quality so important in every building?

The air quality is super important for the health and comfort of the occupants of any facility and building. Inadequate ventilation can increase indoor pollutants causing serious health risks.

What is ventilation?

“Process by which clean normally outdoor air is intentionally supplied to a space, while stale air is removed.” Ventilations should be installed in all working facilities to ensure there is fresh circulated air flowing at all times. The different types of ventilations that can be installed in facilities are:

·      Air conditioning

·      Air curtains

·      Air recirculation

·      Air infiltration

If your ventilation system isn’t cleaned and changed regular this could be a health hazard for all occupants of the building. The Immediate effects can cause:

·      Irritation of Eyes

·      Nose

·      Throat

·      Headaches

·      Dizziness

·      Fatigue

·      Asthma

Long Term Effects can cause:

·      Respiratory Diseases

·      Heart Diseases

·      Cancer

Fresh air circulation also prevents condensation from occurring in your space as the cool air helps areas that have a lot of heat sources.  The moisture in the building can easily build up due to a natural air infiltration that take place in the building including, microwaves, stoves, hot water. Without proper ventilation these moistures will build up and seep into walls and surface areas. This type of condensation can create and build up mold and rotten surfaces all around the building leading this to be a serious health issue.

These reasons translate into the importance of a clean ventilation system in every building and facility. A safe environment where the occupants can breathe and work is very important so work and every day activity can be constructed safely. Any cleaning service will make sure these are cleaned with no blockage or dust and air filtrations are changed regularly leading the building to be fresh as ever.

How to know your cleaning service is well done

When you are hiring a cleaning service to clean your facility there are standards and protocols in motion to make sure they are doing the most effective job.

But there are signs to look for sure to ensure that you are getting the value for your money and time when you invest in a commercial cleaning service.

Not only is it important for the cleaning service to do their job on a timely manner during the expected hours, but it is vitally important for the cleaning service to be impeccable throughout. Here are some areas to look for after your cleaning service visits and cleans your facility.

1.     Floor

When you are checking to see if the floors are cleaned properly there are a few tricks and ways to identify a good and proper clean from a bad one.

·      Check all corners

·      Streaks on the floor

–       If you are seeing streaks on the floor it means the water being used isn’t clean

·      Make sure there is no debree that has been left

2.      Dusting

Are your cleaners performing a detailed dusting program?

This is really important as dust collects very easily and in places that not everyone thinks to clean on a regular basis. A good way to identify if your cleaning service is doing the most efficient dusting program is to check in certain areas of the facility.

·      Tops of cubicles

·      Window Seals

·      Chair Legs

·      Tops of cabinets

·      Tops of desk

·      Telephones inside and outsides

·      Picture frames

·      Shelves

3.     Glass and Mirrors

The cleanliness of glass and mirrors are super important as these are places where clients can easily pinpoint any marks or streaks. A clean and spotless mirror and glass can make all the difference in an office or restaurant space, so make sure after your cleaning company has come in that there is no handprint or marks on any mirror or glass around the building.

4.     Vents

Vents are a super important area to clean because of how important the air circulation is throughout the facility. Make sure to double check the vents after your cleaning service has come in to make sure there is no dust or dirt clogged up inside then. Those should be cleaned and changed regularly.

5.     All supplies replenished

Not only is the cleaning aspect of the service very important, but also the replenishing of supplies is super important for the best type of cleaning service. All areas of the facility need to be replenished with the proper supplies by the cleaners. Make sure to check out these areas to see if these areas have been restocked:

·      Paper Towels – Bathrooms and kitchen areas

·      Soap

·      Purell dispensary stations

·      Garbage cans have been emptied with a fresh bag inside

·      Toilet Paper

·      Changing bulbs if necessary

6.     Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a very vital and important area that needs to be maintained and cleaned efficiently. It’s a common area where most of the staff takes part in every single day and it is the most commonly touched place of the building. If there is a build-up of dust, food and crumbs lying around this will be very problematic for bugs and rats leading it be a health hazard. When you are checking to make sure the cleaning service did a superb job in the cleaning process make sure to look out for key spots including:

·      Microwaves- inside and outside should be spotless

·      Fridge- Exterior and outside should be cleaned

·      Floors should be swept and mopped- no crumbs lying around

·      Kitchen table- Wiped down and disinfected no dust or crumbs

·      Cabinets- Wiped down inside and out

·      Dishwasher- Should be unloaded with clean dishes and put away by cleaning crew

Restaurant cleaning Checklist

Due to Covid-19 we need to be extra cautious with our cleaning and be as diligent as possible.

With the reopening of restaurant’s, we are making sure to take extra precautions and protocols to make sure we do an effective cleaning job. The safety and health of the people is our main concern and a safe clean environment is our main goal.

Our specialty equipment cleaning mixed with our efficient and detailed cleaning will make sure each restaurant is as safe as it can be.

Using CDC approved disinfect equipment and foggers, we will make sure all areas of the restaurant are clean and secure in all aspects of the building.

We have created a checklist of areas that our cleaning service offers, and if there are more or less areas to your preference we would be happy to accommodate. Our services offer one-time specialty clean ups before re-openings or every night cleaning (highly recommended) during these crucial times.

Cleaning Check List


–       Hoods

–       Fryers

–       Stove Stops

–       Fridges

–       Grease buildup in wall and floor areas

–       Grills

–       Steaming machines to help with grease and hard to remove buildup


–       Pressure washers for floors

–       Grout Cleaning: In between lines in tiles for floor

Front of the House

–       Windows

–       Floors

–       Garbages

–       Front Desk


–       Disinfection of entire bathroom including:

–       walls

–       Bathroom stalls

–       Sinks

–       Toilets

–       Handles

–       Soap and towel dispensers

–       Garbages

Low and High Dusting

–       Lights

–       TV

High Touch Point Areas

–       Door Handles all around areas

–       Doors

–       Light Switches

–       Seating areas

–       Any high touch point areas where customers and staff may touch

–       Storage Rooms ( Walls, Floors, handles, Dusting )

We offer fogging for the entire restaurant to make sure the reopening of the restaurant is completely secure and safe.

 This disinfectant equipment is CDC approved and will make sure the restaurant is clean from top to bottom. These extra measures are highly recommended and encouraged to ensure the safety of the community.

The foundation of our job

MCA has been a valued cleaning service for many years. The years of experience has allowed the company to create the best outline and plan for every single job. Working with the best cleaners, using quality equipment and having a set foundation is the key for a successful cleaning service.

This blog will outline the foundation of MCA cleaning service and give a better understanding of the cleaning service we provide.

In order to provide you with the best cleaning service, their needs to be steps taking to ensure that happens. There are five steps we take for each service and through those steps we use the “Deming Quality Control Circle.”

The ‘Deming Quality Control Circle’ falls into five categories.

1)    Understanding the Scope of the Job

This step is vitally important at the beginning as this will give a clear vision and idea of understanding all the requirements and clients needs to ensure the best clean possible.

2)    Planning or Reviewing Service Practices

After getting an understanding of the requirements needed for each facility we develop an action plan that will successful achieve the determined objectives in order to provide the most efficient cleaning service.

3)    Performing Services

Once an action plan is in place, the first phase of cleaning will begin. During the startup phase of every facility, we will add additional management and supervision on top of the ones provided to ensure that no business disruption is experienced. Once we are confident that our level service is meeting your needs and is consistent, we will gradually withdraw the extra personnel on site.

4)    Quality Control and Feedback

In order to ensure a high standard of service for each client we will do the following quality control. This is very important to ensure there is a strong sense of trust and communication between the client and our cleaning service.

·      Formal Routine and random inspections carried out with and without building management and documenting all findings.

·      Creating Quality Control Monitoring Reports

·      Use of a Daily Log Book that allows a two-way communication for concerns or improvement between you and the custodial staff.

In order to ensure the most effective clean on each visit, we have enforced that each location has a supervisory structure to watch over the cleaning taking place.

Present with the cleaning staff will be working supervisors to supervise the cleaning taking place. They will report to the customer for any cleaning maintenance problems noted during the cleaning routine.

On top of the on site supervisor there will be a visit by our Area Manager on a regular basis to check and make sure everything is running smoothly and the customer is satisfied.

We also have our corporate supervisor that takes responsibility for the overall management of our service and will be the designated contact to further monitor our cleaning service.

Along with a great cleaning service, comes a lot of steps and responsibility to make sure there is a great overall experience. Customer care, health and safety and communication is vitally important to us and we take all those things very seriously. Following these steps in addition while using the best chemicals and disinfectants in addition to the cleaning is the reason for our outstanding cleaning job.

School and Daycare Cleaning

As the economy slowly starts to reopen, schools will eventually start to open as well.

We have created a school-cleaning checklist that will meet the needs of the most effective clean. The cleaning service that’s provided is a combination of a thorough clean and disinfection of all surfaces.

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COVID-19: MCA Cleaning Procedures

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As Covid-19 continues to be a problem, extreme measures need to be taken in order to ensure clean and safe facilities for everyone. MCA taking is as many measures as possible to ensure the prevention of contamination of the virus.

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Medical clinic cleaning requires extra care and attention to make sure that every surface is cleaned and sanitized daily. Because the volume of germs and bacteria in a doctor’s office is higher than any other facility, there is a greater risk for patients and staff to get sick. This, in turn, makes regular cleaning a must.

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