7 Reasons To Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

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Many homeowners have carpets in their homes because it gives their space a cozy and comfortable feel. It’s a great design choice for many types of rooms, but you need to be prepared to take proper care of your carpets so they look good, feel good, smell good and last a very long time. Bringing in a professional carpet cleaning service like the one offered at MCA Group can be incredibly beneficial for your carpet’s lifespan and the enjoyment of it. But if you’re still not sure if hiring a professional carpet cleaning crew is right for you, here’s a comprehensive guide including 7 reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Health Benefits

Carpets in a home are magnets for toxins, bacteria and dust everyday. All of that dust gets kicked up in the air and inhaled by your family leading to nasal and sinus issues, as well as breathing difficulties, particularly if someone you live with is asthmatic. If you forget to clean your carpet, these health issues could become quite a nuisance.

Yes, you can vacuum your rugs and carpets everyday, but you’ll never get that true level of clean and decontamination that you get when you hire a professional carpet cleaning crew who uses powerful tools and the proper cleaning products to truly refresh your carpet.


Don’t wait until your carpets are beyond saving to get them professionally cleaned! Besides gathering dust, carpets can grow mould, especially if the carpet is constantly being exposed to dampness. For example, if you have a pool and people are constantly walking across the carpet and dripping water on it. Or in the wintertime, with an endless parade of snow-covered boots making a mess in your home.

This moisture gets trapped in the carpet fibers leading to mould growth. Regular carpet cleanings can prevent this issue. The more you take care of your carpet now and schedule regular cleanings, the longer it will last and the less money you’ll spend on renovations and replacements throughout the time you live in your home.


Sometimes people get so used to a bad smell in their home that it’s only the guests who realize that something stinks. Don’t let that be you. Whether you have kids or pets, you know that they can make your carpets smell bad over time. It’s especially hard to avoid if you have a cat or dog who is just a puppy or prone to accidents.

Sometimes, you might not see the stain anymore after you’ve cleaned it yourself, but you probably only removed what was sitting on the surface. Professional carpet cleaning is the only way to truly get rid of these very strong odours. Some people also find that carpets near the kitchen may start to smell from daily cooking. Professional carpet cleaning can take care of this issue as well.

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Sometimes people forget what the real colour of their carpet is until they move a piece of furniture that’s been sitting still for many years! You may have been thinking that you had a grey carpet all these years when it used to be a pearly shade of white. All that dust and dirt will darken your carpet over time, diminishing the original fabric’s true colour or level of brightness.

A deep cleaning by professional carpet cleaners can turn back time on your carpets and rugs, removing all that dust and dirt to make your carpet look new. Expert cleaners also can remove that stubborn one-off stains you never thought you’d get out such as wine or juice.

Extends The Life of Carpet

Hiring professional carpet cleaners to work in your home can drastically extend the lifespan of your rugs and carpets. If you let dust and debris sit in the carpet fibres for too long, they may start to disintegrate the carpet and force you to replace it sooner than you’d like.

MCA Group’s professional carpet cleaners use hot water extraction techniques to get that deep clean you need to ensure a long-lasting carpet. You can also help your carpet out by regularly vacuuming in between professional cleanings.

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Dirt And Bacteria Removal

If you love to vacuum every day, that’s great! As mentioned above, regular vacuuming can extend the lifespan of your carpet. It also makes your home look very clean. However, vacuuming only cleans the surface of your carpet. There’s always a ton of dust and dirt lurking below.

If left neglected for too long, your carpet could become a perfect breeding ground for harmful moulds and bacteria. These bacteria can break down your carpet and emit unpleasant smells. This is especially harmful to people with breathing issues and allergies. A professional carpet cleaner can help to solve this issue. 

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Contributes to a Healthier Environment

Because the allergens and dust that get trapped in your carpets float into the air, we breathe in all of that debris which can cause a lot of problems with allergies and respiratory issues. However, at MCA Group we use water at an extremely hot temperature which eliminates virtually all of the harmful dust and allergens so you and your family can breathe easier.

This will make it better for anyone in your home who suffers from asthma. And don’t worry, MCA Group uses safe ingredients to clean your carpets and rugs so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family or pets!

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Keep your carpets looking, feeling, and smelling better for longer! If you want to have a healthier environment in your home, you need a carpet cleaner professional like the ones at MCA Group. The carpet cleaner cost is worth the investment. We offer quick and courteous carpet cleaning services completed by a certified team of staff who always show up at your door with a smile. If you’re ready to experience the next level of deep carpet cleaning, call MCA Group today to book your next appointment.