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If you’re looking for a professional condo and apartment cleaning company to help lighten the load that cleaning puts on your employees, or simply to get better results, you’re in the right place. If you want to keep your business professional and hygienic, MCA Group is your best bet. We offer a building maintenance service for organizations large and small within the GTA and most of Southern Ontario. Our company specializes in: dusting, vacuuming, sanitation, window washing, power cleaning, steam cleaning and more. We lift the burden of cleaning from yours and your employees’ shoulders, allowing you to benefit from a healthy and comfortable workplace without the inconvenience.

Why Opt for Building Cleaning Services in Toronto?

A clean office environment encourages productivity and inspires your employees to work better. It also impresses your customers and leaves them with a good image of your workplace. If you’re only cleaning to meet hygiene codes in your area, you’re probably not doing a good enough job. This shows- the difference between hand-cleaning and hiring a corporate cleaning service is massive. A building maintenance service in Toronto or the surrounding regions can offer you a range of benefits such as better results, higher satisfaction, better work environments and reliable quality.

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Building Cleaning Services in the GTA & York Region – We Clean Offices, Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Commercial and Industrial Businesses.

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Excellent Services and Results

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MCA Group specializes in a comprehensive range of office cleaning. We offer services such as dusting and wiping surfaces, cleaning floors and windows, sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens and more. Our wide ranging corporate cleaning services are performed by reliable professionals who have years of experience in cleaning. Our teams diligently perform, striving to exceed every client’s expectations.

MCA Group cleaners know exactly what it takes to do the job properly, and what should be done to meet your company’s expectations.

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Our company works with business owners to provide them with building maintenance services which are custom tailored to your budget, time expectations and needs. We take time to perform every task up to standard and use the best products and cleaning technologies in the industry. Our excellent services are not only effective, but also Eco-friendly. We use the latest in health and environmentally friendly technologies to provide businesses with green services which are not detrimental to your health. We take pride in our environmental beliefs and aim to reduce waste and limit voiding of chemical waste.

Superior Corporate Cleaning Rates

Cleaning companies should only charge as much as their services are worth. In order to provide more affordable services, we offer some of the most competitive building maintenance rates in the GTA. MCA Group understands that superior services are not enough to receive your company’s full support. To do so, we provide customers with a free estimate and flexible contract. Clients are also given a chance to have a 5% undercut over each existing cleaning company.

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Our company will work with you to find a flexible schedule, budget and plan to suit your needs. We strive to deliver cost-effective janitorial services for business owners throughout the GTA. We give our guarantee of quality, and deliver exceptional results.

By focusing on cost-effective aspect  and the efficiency of our building maintenance service, MCA Group never fails to tailor to each client’s unique building maintenance needs. So, instead of worrying whether or not your janitor is just goofing around, and whether or not your premises is presentable before a client’s important visit, why not call MCA Group? We offer a team of reliable and professional cleaners to take care of your business or office cleaning needs. We service all of Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Woodbridge, Oakville, Scarborough, Markham, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Newmarket, Brampton, Oakville and the rest of Southern Ontario.

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