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Food Plant Cleaning by mca group

Maintain Your Plant’s Standards with MCA Group

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Your company must adhere to the strict quality control standards set in place for sanitation and cleanliness, and our company understands that keeping up on your own is difficult. Due to the required consistency of disinfection and sanitation, owners of food plants need to take appropriate measures for pest and bacteria control. This is where our company comes in. MCA Group is a company highly dedicated to cleaning and maintenance services. With over two decades in the business, we are able to offer high proficiency in all sanitation, safety standards and client expectations. Here is what we can offer your business, today:

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Fully Trained and Licensed Employees

For the safety of your plant’s operation, our company employs teams that are fully trained and licensed in accordance with the most up to date government standards, and follow very strict procedures for quality control and sanitation. Our teams guarantee excellence and strive to exact the utmost in customer service.

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Excellent Safety Standards

Our reputation as the most effective, safe and considerate company precedes us. All of our teams are trained to follow the highest safety practices during the cleaning process.

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Technologically Advanced Methods

Our industrial cleaners are equipped with the most efficient technology, thereby reducing the time and the cost of desired results. As we strive for ever higher efficiency, we remain up to date in the sophisticated needs that your establishment has. Allow us to ensure that your food plant is professionally cleaned, according to your specifications.

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Environmentally Friendly Practices

Reduce your establishment’s impact on the environment and employ a cleaning company that is mindful of practises which lead to pollution, excess run-off and chemical residue. Our company strives to be “green” in every aspect of our work, from the chemicals we use to sanitize your plant, to the amount of water used in the process.

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Before and After Hours Services

We take the time to work with our customers to ensure the cleaning process does not get in the way of your business. Offering night services as well as after and before hour cleaning slots, our company actively attempts to make your life, as well as the functioning of your company, easier.

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Prepare for your next CFIA, HACCP or customer audit with our comprehensive food plant cleaning services, offered throughout the GTA and York Region. We offer comprehensive sanitation, mould remediation, tank and machinery sanitation, ceiling cleaning, floor cleaning, steam cleaning, cold storage cleaning, CIP Foaming, Sanitary Fogging, oven cleaning as well as much more. Call us today to see what we can do for you!

Food Plant Cleaning Services in GTA & York Region – we Clean
Offices, Working Areas, Bathrooms, Kitchenettes, & more.

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MCA Group is dedicated to our customers.  This brief overview is merely a portion of the services our teams can offer your company. Keep your establishment as clean as possible with our services, excellent customer service, competitive prices and attention to detail. All of MCA Group’s cleaning services are intended to help our customers easily realize their visions of cleanliness, which is why we offer before and after hours scheduling, a wide repertoire of cleaning methods and environmentally friendly services. Our company’s focus has always been our customers, which is why MCA Group is a name synonymous with the bright, shiny quality we strive to offer.

In turn, we ensure that your establishment is the best you can offer to your customers. To get a free quote, book our services or learn more about what our company can offer you, call or email us at (416) 884-1652 or

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