Post Construction Cleaning

Construction & Post Construction Cleaning with MCA Group

Construction & Post Construction Cleaning with MCA Group

Tired after the construction of your commercial or industrial building? Did the contractor leave a mess? When you’re done with construction, turn to professionals to help you complete the project. MCA Group offers full post and during construction cleaning, debris removal, floor washing and carpet cleaning. Leave all that dust to us! Our company will ensure that your building is finished and ready to open to the public with effective cleaning techniques, timely execution, and professional standards. Here are what cleaning services we can offer you post-construction:

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Dust and Debris Removal and Vacuuming

That pesky construction dust won’t stand a chance once our teams arrive on site. We offer a full debris clearing of the area and will ensure that the residual, post-construction dust that settles in corners won’t bother you or your customers. We can: clean walls, lights, ledges, sills, doors, windows, blinds, fixtures, ceilings, carpets and ventilation systems to ensure the cleanliness of your newly constructed business, and the removal of any residual dust.

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Lights and Glass Washing

Our teams are well trained in safety standards and have years of experience in cleaning the outsides and insides of tall buildings. Our window and light washing services effectively remove layers of dust and grime that can accumulate during the construction process. This way, both the inside and outside lights and windows are shining like fresh from the packaging.

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Restroom Cleaning and Sanitation

This essential portion of the cleaning process will remove debris, shine, and polish as well as completely sanitize the freshly built portions of your restrooms. We offer comprehensive cleaning and deodorizing. Our teams will: clean and scrub the showers and bathtubs of your commercial or residential areas, polish fixtures, and floors, remove dust and any watermarks. This was we can make sure your restrooms are completely sanitary and ready to use.

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Wall and Floor Washing and Polishing

We offer power washing of outdoor walls and floors, and spot clean areas that have become dirty after painting. We also offer floor waxing, steam cleaning and deep carpet cleaning to remove any residual dust.

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Environmentally Conscious Services

Reduce your establishment’s impact on the environment and employ a cleaning company that is mindful of practices which lead to pollution, excess run-off and chemical residue. Our company strives to be “green” in every aspect of our work. From the chemicals we use to sanitize your establishment, to the amount of water used in the process, we ensure a safe and conscious service. During post-construction cleaning, we will take the time to brief you in our convictions, and will use only safe and environmentally chemicals and procedures.

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Wide Service Area

MCA Group offers reliable construction cleanup service across the Greater Toronto Area. This includes Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Aurora, Stouffville, Newmarket, Barrie, King City, Woodbridge, Maple, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, St Catherines, Niagara, Milton, Orangeville, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, Windsor & All of Ontario. By continuously extending our service regions, we can offer more and more customers the chance to take advantage of our superior commercial cleaning services.

This brief overview is merely a portion of the services our teams can offer your company. Keep your establishment as clean as possible with our services, excellent customer service, competitive prices and attention to detail. All of MCA Group’s cleaning services are intended to help our customers easily realize their visions of cleanliness. This is why we offer before and after hours scheduling, a wide array of cleaning methods and environmentally friendly services.

Post Renovation Cleaning

Your renovation project is finally complete! All that is left is to get rid of the heavy dust because if you still have thick layers of construction dirt lingering, you’re basically living in the middle of a construction site. MCA Group is here to help you enjoy your newly renovated space by offering our specialty post-renovation cleaning services. 

When our fully licensed cleaners arrive on the scene, we eliminate dust, wood chips, grime, paint, debris, and all other waste. We clean, sanitize, and disinfect all areas. MCA Group will take care of the vacuuming, removing the heavy dust from walls, mopping, ledges trim, and more! We put the finishing touches on your renovation, so you can officially move into your house and start decorating and accessorizing to your liking. Our post-renovation cleaning services are available for newly built or recently renovated homes in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

Whether you demolished, built, or removed your home, a renovation project can be a big challenge with many moving parts.

The process may have involved taking down and rebuilding walls, renovating a bathroom, or installing new kitchen cabinets. Regardless, cleaning after renovations can be daunting and overwhelming. The specialists at MCA Group are here to help alleviate that worry! 

A post-renovation cleaning project requires a full team of thoroughly trained cleaners to work swiftly without sacrificing quality. We have a minimum number of MCA Group team members that will come, but depending on the square footage and your space’s condition, we will arrange more or less cleaners to service the house accordingly. Our professional cleaning crew provides all the necessary tools and equipment at no additional cost. 

Our expert cleaners have an astute attention to detail and care when cleaning. We will do a super deep clean of your home from top to bottom to make sure all dust and dirt are done. We will meet with you to understand your needs and tailor our services to suit your requirements. Contact us today for your free quote and book your team straight away!

Our Company

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Our company’s focus has always been our customers, which is why MCA Group is a name synonymous with the bright, shiny quality we strive to offer. In turn, we ensure that your establishment is the best you can offer to your customers. To get a free quote, book our services or to learn more about what our company can offer you, call or email us at (416) 884-1652 or

Our company is one of the undisputed cleaning leaders within the GTA and York Region. Leave it to us to make your post-construction cleanup as easy as possible. As our company’s motto is customer service. We will take the time to arrange a meeting, working with you through the process. We take the time to make sure you are getting above and beyond the quality cleaning services you expect.

Our teams are highly trained and follow the most up to date safety and sanitation standards in Ontario. We ensure our customers receive the most up to date and thorough cleaning service available in the GTA. Make the best of your newly constructed business with the best cleaning services from the most trustworthy company in the area. Leave your company’s cleanliness to us; call MCA Group today!

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