8 Signs That Prove You’re Overdue For A Professional Office Cleaning


So, you think your office is overdue for a good old fashioned cleaning? If you’re asking the question, you’re probably right. What exactly are the signs of a dirty business establishment, and how can you take steps to make sure you’re dealing with them all?

At MCA Group, we believe the professional touch is the best, which is why we’re sharing a list of warning signs that we look for, whenever we deliver our top-rated cleaning services for the benefit of our clients. Let’s examine them together, so you know exactly what things to watch out for.


If you start noticing a large and rather unmistakeable amount of dust and dirt accumulating on surfaces, furniture, and equipment, that’s probably a clear sign that your office needs a thorough deep clean. Dust and dirt can, among other things, aggravate allergies, respiratory issues, and even contribute to the spread of germs that could otherwise be avoided with a rudimentary and consistent cleaning schedule, which we always recommend.


Strong and foul odors often represent poor ventilation, dirty carpets, or a lack of overall cleanliness. This is why we recommend a professional cleaning team who are capable of eliminating these odors, while leaving your office smelling like new. Not only does it make for a more pleasant work environment, but it’ll also send the right message to your customers. 


Cluttered and disorganized workspaces represent chaos and disruption, which can lead to decreased productivity, increased staff stress, and a major drop in morale. Professional cleaning can help to declutter and organize your office, promoting a more efficient work environment. Once finished, you have an opportunity to instill policies whereby employees must keep their respective areas neat and tidy. 


A dirty restroom can be a major turn-off, both for employees, and customers alike. Few things are as off-putting, and capable of generating negative feedback, which is why they should be kept spotless and clean at all times. Professional cleaning can ensure that restrooms are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and maintained to the highest standards.


Equipment is expensive to replace, which is why companies should take great strides to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Dirty equipment, by contrast, can malfunction or even break down, leading to costly repairs, or premature replacement, which eats into the company’s earnings. Hiring a professional cleaning team can guarantee that equipment is thoroughly cleaned, thereby reducing the risk of malfunction.


If you’ve noticed any, or all of the symptoms listed above, chances are your office is due for a major cleaning. At MCA Group, we take this task quite seriously, and our commitment to quality means never having to worry about a job well done. Let us handle the dirty work – no pun intended – while you focus on running your business.

We’ll even recommend a cleaning schedule that will keep your business looking its best, right through the year. There’s no substitute for a professional touch, so make sure you choose a team that is committed to delivering results that you, your employees, and your customers will appreciate! Contact us today for more information.