The Ultimate Guide To Professional Cleaning Services In Toronto

MCA Group understands cleaning services like nobody else, which is why our reputation is one of the most popular in Toronto, with an astonishing 4.8 average on Google Reviews. We’re proud of that, and it’s a testament not just to our highly trained team of professionals, but the vast array of professional cleaning services we offer to corporate clientele right across the GTA. MCA Group does indeed focus on more traditional services like office cleaning, industrial cleaning, restaurant and retail cleaning, and more, but we also offer specialty services such as window and floor cleaning, post-construction cleanups, precision cleaning for factories and food plants, and more.

Whether your business is based in Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, Brampton, Hamilton or Scarborough, MCA Group guarantees that your carpets will look brand new whenever visitors and clientele walk in, which speaks volumes about your business. It’s just one of the unique services we offer as an all-purpose cleaning company, and here’s how we handle each job, from start to finish. 

STEP #1: Identifying your company’s needs

Many businesses in Toronto include carpeting as part of their interior decor, and it can have a profound impact on visitor and staff relaxation, while contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the business. However, with so much constant foot traffic, you’ll definitely need to rely on the services of a professional carpet cleaning crew with the correct gear and training to make them look new again.

Thankfully, MCA Group has worked with just about every type of carpet material there is, and we’ve developed the techniques needed to clean them all, regardless of what shape they’re in. Best of all, we do the job quickly and efficiently to minimize downtime and distraction, so you can get back to business.

STEP #2: Providing an accurate quote

No company worth its salt will sign blindly on the dotted line, regardless of the contract. Cleaning services are no different. At MCA Group, we pride ourselves on providing competitive, accurate quotes that get right to the heart of your needs, so you can focus on staying on budget, while we provide the best service in the business.

Your professional carpet cleaning quote is based on specific criteria, such as your business, operating hours, building type, the amount of carpeting we’ll need to clean, and the shape it’s in. Whatever the scenario, we’ll keep your quote simple, easy to understand, and free of hidden charges. That’s our promise.

STEP #3: Setting the date

Carpet cleaning may be a straightforward affair, but there’s a lot you’ll need to consider before we’re ready to set a job date. We’ll need to learn about your schedule, hours of operation, and when the most opportune time is to come by and do the job, in order to minimize distractions and/or disruptions. 

We’ll also need to factor in weather and seasons, but that’s part of the job. No matter what situation may arise, we’ll work with you to schedule the correct date for us to come by and complete your carpet cleaning job thoroughly, and without hassle. 

STEP #4: Completing the job

Once you’re happy with your quote, and agreed upon a date, our team is ready to get to work! We’ll have already worked out a game plan that will allow us to handle your carpet cleaning job in the most efficient manner, while working around your schedule as best we can. Just stand back, and watch us clean those dirty carpets thoroughly so that they look brand new all over again.

STEP #5: Leave us a great review

When your carpet cleaning job has been completed, the last step is simply to share your thoughts with us, and leave a great review so that other businesses can hear all about it! We love getting positive feedback from our clients, especially since we take our commitment to quality assurance very seriously.


At MCA Group, we pride ourselves on having one of the most robust and sprawling lists of cleaning services in the business. However, we understand the need to make sure that quality workmanship is our number one priority. How can we tackle so many cleaning jobs and still retain our AAA service and reputation, you might ask? It all starts with attitude, and determination! 

Whether it’s carpet cleaning services you’re in need of, industrial cleaning, or more specific deep cleaning services, MCA Group does it all. From floor restoration and dry ice blasting, to more straightforward tasks like superintendent duties, we’re a single-solution cleaning company with a wide range of services to cover your every cleaning need. Moreover, we provide ongoing cleaning services for over 500 facilities in the Greater Toronto Area, including commercial offices, industrial spaces, and retail establishments.


If your carpets need to look spic and span, it’s time to give MCA Group a call! Not only will we apply our 5-step process to your business, but we’ll also work with you to determine if you have other cleaning needs that we can take care of at the same time. No more hiring several different companies to handle different jobs! Experience the MCA Group difference, and enjoy some peace of mind while you concentrate on growing your business!