Why Clean Bathrooms Are A Must For Any Business?

Clean office bathroom

Nobody likes a dirty bathroom, particularly if it’s being shared with others in a corporate setting. In the privacy of your own home, you’re free to clean your bathroom as often, or as little as you’d like (we recommend the former), but the workplace is an entirely different thing, altogether. It’s human nature to be repulsed by the sight of a filthy bathroom, and it doesn’t exactly make for a warm, welcoming and stress-free work environment, either!

Beyond the obvious need for clean company bathrooms, there are other reasons why it’s important for companies to prioritize this part of the cleaning regimen. Sometimes, there are benefits that largely go unseen, or that staff and owners fail to recognize. Here at MCA, clean bathrooms are an absolute must, and we go way beyond the extra mile (or two) to make sure the job is done right. Here’s a few of the most important reasons, straight from our team of professionals.


This one needs no introduction, but it is the most obvious, so let’s begin here. Health & safety should always be a number one priority for any business, and a filthy bathroom works in opposition to this goal. We’re talking germs, bacteria, viruses, and other unmentionables that can lead to all sorts of health-related problems. Better to make sure those bathrooms are squeaky clean and well maintained, so that your staff and visitors can enjoy a pleasant experience at all times.

Don’t forget the importance of psychological health, as well. Dirty bathrooms stress people out, especially if they happen to be afraid of germs and bacteria lurking about. For these individuals, touching any surface is a challenge, which means your company bathrooms should be cleaned, sanitized and well-maintained at all times. Doing so cuts down on stress, and gives visitors and staff one less thing to concern themselves about.


Happy customer with thumbs up

While your staff and visitors may not appreciate a dirty bathroom very much, that’s nothing compared to what your customers might think. If you’re a retail or service-based business opening your doors to a steady influx of customers every day, you’re going to want to make sure your bathrooms look their best at all times. This, as they say, is non-negotiable. Think about the last time you visited a grungy and dirty gas station bathroom during a trip, and you’ll get the idea.

Studies show that customers are far less likely to patronize a business if they have a horrible bathroom experience in your store. It says everything about your company, and none of it is particularly good. When a bathroom is clean, smells fresh, and is devoid of unsightly elements, it can round off the entire buying experience on a very positive note. Your customers may not rant and rave about the wonderful state of your bathrooms, but they’re sure to spread the word to friends, family and co-workers if they walk into a filthy one.


Cleaning the bathroom in your home is quite a large job, but think of the work involved in tackling a company restroom. While they may differ in size and scope, company bathrooms require more maintenance and a higher degree of actual work, given the foot traffic. While it is possible to do the job on your own, it will require a lot of time and resources that could be better spent on your company’s day-to-day operations.

For that reason, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning team. First, it’s simply more convenient, but beyond that, it’s also cost effective. A professional team knows exactly how to clean company bathrooms to proper code, so that they smell fresh, look great, and cut down on the undesirables we’ve already touched on in this article. Plus, they’ll work with your company to devise a consistent cleaning schedule, so that you never have to worry about the state of your bathrooms. 

A professional team will focus their attention on where it counts, such as sanitizing and disinfecting bathroom counters, sink basins and stalls, refilling soap dispensers, cleaning toilet bowls, and making sure floors are neat and tidy. When combined, this makes for a much more pleasant experience for your staff and visitors. Remember that ever-important first impression!


Here at MCA Group, we simply can’t abide a dirty company bathroom, which is why we prioritize it as part of our cleaning services. We invite you to contact us today, so that we can provide you with a quote, and a cleaning schedule that will agree with your pocketbook, while providing peace of mind at the same time. Don’t allow your bathrooms to sit in their current state, and don’t settle for subpar work! Let us handle the job, so you don’t have to.