How to Disinfect Your Car

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In this new world of cautiousness and fear, we need to more prepared then ever when it comes to the Covid-19 virus. We did not expect a virus to be so strong and contagious that it would have an effect as serious as it did on this entire world. Cleaning and disinfecting are the two most important notions that are in effect in order to help prevent this virus from spreading.

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How to make the office more Green

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There are so many ways and opportunities for offices to incorporate a more sustainable work- environment for their employees and staff.  It is super important for these changes to be made in order to become more sustainable and greener in order to have a long-lasting future for our planet.

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How to Remove a Carpet Stain

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One of the hardest things to do is keep a carpet clean. No matter how hard you try, you will never get off clean free without having one stain on that carpet. Dirt, stains and marks will stick to the carpet by attaching to the fiber over time and leave you with a dirty carpet.

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How to Clean Your Computer

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Studies have found that the number of bacteria that lingers on your computer keyboard is 3x more than your toilet set. An even more unsettling study has showed it can have 3x more bacteria then a public toilet. It shows that up to 3000 bacteria per square lies on your computer keyboard and over 1600 bacteria per square is on a computer mouse. Of course these statistics aren’t completely accurate, but this type of information should scare you a bit, and get you into the routine of cleaning your computer on a weekly basis.

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Office Cleaning Checklist

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto

Managing an office or commercial building in the Toronto area is a hassle, as office maintenance is more and more difficult, especially if your building is older and less modern. Outsourcing your businesses cleaning services is a strategic move you can make to lighten your staff’s workload, maintain hygiene standards and increase efficiency. With an ever growing number of commercial office cleaning companies, it’s easier than ever to find a company that meets your budget and needs. For your convenience we’ve assembled some benefits that commercial cleaning services can provide your company:

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Hotel Cleaning Procedures

Hotel Cleaning by mca group

The hotel industry is structurally different compared to other facilities in terms of cleaning procedures. It’s a place where guests stay overnight and need to feel secure and safe while staying in these facilities and that’s why it’s crucial for the cleaning to be top notch. Every hotel has a specific checklist, duties and protocols that need to be followed and adhered too. The commercial cleaning team needs to be timely and efficient in order to manage this type of work on a daily basis.

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Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

Post Construction Cleaning by MCA group

Post Construction Cleaning

When you are opening a new facility or renovating an old one there is a lot of work that needs to be done before the final stage of opening. The transition from the construction phase to the final occupancy is extremely difficult and involves a lot of fine tuning and structure among cleaning protocols.

There is a limited amount of time to get everything done before the opening so the window for cleaning is very small and time consuming. Large teams of cleaners will be needed in order to finish the job in a top notch and efficient way.

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