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MCA has been a valued cleaning service for many years. The years of experience has allowed the company to create the best outline and plan for every single job. Working with the best cleaners, using quality equipment and having a set foundation is the key for a successful cleaning service.

This blog will outline the foundation of MCA cleaning service and give a better understanding of the cleaning service we provide.

In order to provide you with the best cleaning service, their needs to be steps taking to ensure that happens. There are five steps we take for each service and through those steps we use the “Deming Quality Control Circle.”

The ‘Deming Quality Control Circle’ falls into four categories.

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1. Understanding the Scope of the Job

This step is vitally important at the beginning as this will give a clear vision and idea of understanding all the requirements and clients needs to ensure the best clean possible.

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2. Planning or Reviewing Service Practices

After getting an understanding of the requirements needed for each facility we develop an action plan that will successful achieve the determined objectives in order to provide the most efficient cleaning service.

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3. Performing Services

Once an action plan is in place, the first phase of cleaning will begin. During the startup phase of every facility, we will add additional management and supervision on top of the ones provided to ensure that no business disruption is experienced. Once we are confident that our level service is meeting your needs and is consistent, we will gradually withdraw the extra personnel on site.

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4. Quality Control and Feedback

In order to ensure a high standard of service for each client we will do the following quality control. This is very important to ensure there is a strong sense of trust and communication between the client and our cleaning service.

  • Formal Routine and random inspections carried out with and without building management and documenting all findings.
  • Creating Quality Control Monitoring Reports
  • Use of a Daily Log Book that allows a two-way communication for concerns or improvement between you and the custodial staff.
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In order to ensure the most effective clean on each visit, we have enforced that each location has a supervisory structure to watch over the cleaning taking place.

Present with the cleaning staff will be working supervisors to supervise the cleaning taking place. They will report to the customer for any cleaning maintenance problems noted during the cleaning routine.

On top of the on site supervisor there will be a visit by our Area Manager on a regular basis to check and make sure everything is running smoothly and the customer is satisfied.

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We also have our corporate supervisor that takes responsibility for the overall management of our service and will be the designated contact to further monitor our cleaning service.

Along with a great cleaning service, comes a lot of steps and responsibility to make sure there is a great overall experience. Customer care, health and safety and communication is vitally important to us and we take all those things very seriously. Following these steps in addition while using the best chemicals and disinfectants in addition to the cleaning is the reason for our outstanding cleaning job.

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