How to know your cleaning service is well done

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When you are hiring a cleaning service to clean your facility there are standards and protocols in motion to make sure they are doing the most effective job.

But there are signs to look for sure to ensure that you are getting the value for your money and time when you invest in a commercial cleaning service.

Not only is it important for the cleaning service to do their job on a timely manner during the expected hours, but it is vitally important for the cleaning service to be impeccable throughout. Here are some areas to look for after your cleaning service visits and cleans your facility.

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1. Floor

When you are checking to see if the floors are cleaned properly there are a few tricks and ways to identify a good and proper clean from a bad one.

  • Check all corners
  • Streaks on the floor
  • If you are seeing streaks on the floor it means the water being used isn’t clean
  • Make sure there is no debris that has been left
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2. Dusting

Are your cleaners performing a detailed dusting program?

This is really important as dust collects very easily and in places that not everyone thinks to clean on a regular basis. A good way to identify if your cleaning service is doing the most efficient dusting program is to check in certain areas of the facility.

  • Tops of cubicles
  • Window Seals
  • Chair Legs
  • Tops of cabinets
  • Tops of desk
  • Telephones inside and outsides
  • Picture frames
  • Shelves
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3. Glass and Mirrors

The cleanliness of glass and mirrors are super important as these are places where clients can easily pinpoint any marks or streaks. A clean and spotless mirror and glass can make all the difference in an office or restaurant space, so make sure after your cleaning company has come in that there is no handprint or marks on any mirror or glass around the building.

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4. Vents

Vents are a super important area to clean because of how important the air circulation is throughout the facility. Make sure to double check the vents after your cleaning service has come in to make sure there is no dust or dirt clogged up inside then. Those should be cleaned and changed regularly.

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5. All supplies replenished

Not only is the cleaning aspect of the service very important, but also the replenishing of supplies is super important for the best type of cleaning service. All areas of the facility need to be replenished with the proper supplies by the cleaners. Make sure to check out these areas to see if these areas have been restocked:

  • Paper Towels – Bathrooms and kitchen areas
  • Soap
  • Purell dispensary stations
  • Garbage cans have been emptied with a fresh bag inside
  • Toilet Paper
  • Changing bulbs if necessary
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6. Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a very vital and important area that needs to be maintained and cleaned efficiently. It’s a common area where most of the staff takes part in every single day and it is the most commonly touched place of the building. If there is a build-up of dust, food and crumbs lying around this will be very problematic for bugs and rats leading it be a health hazard. When you are checking to make sure the cleaning service did a superb job in the cleaning process make sure to look out for key spots including:

  • Microwaves- inside and outside should be spotless
  • Fridge- Exterior and outside should be cleaned
  • Floors should be swept and mopped- no crumbs lying around
  • Kitchen table- Wiped down and disinfected no dust or crumbs
  • Cabinets- Wiped down inside and out
  • Dishwasher- Should be unloaded with clean dishes and put away by cleaning crew

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