Flood Damage Cleanup

flood clean up

If your home or business has been affected by flood, it is best to call professional cleaners before you start living or working in the affected space again. Floodwater can be contaminated and is likely to cause mold, which can be harmful to you and your family’s health. Apart from damage to furniture, electrical appliances may also malfunction after a flood. Post-flood cleanup should be done by cleaning specialists as they have specialized equipment and they are better equipped to clean and restore damaged areas. Professional cleaning of the house also ensures each spot has been sanitized and is fit to live in again.

Basement Flood Clean Up

Basement is one area that water seeps into the first and remains in the longest, making basement one of the toughest spaces to restore after a flood. Water may also affect the dry walls along with any equipment or electronic devices. It is always advised to never step into a water-filled basement as one may get shocked or electrocuted. If left untreated for long, seepage can lead to bacteria growth and odour and in some cases, the damages may become irreparable. Quick action is key to mitigating further losses and professional flood clean up company should be called at the earliest.

Call The Flood Clean Up Experts

MCA Group cleaners are the experts in flood cleanup services across the Greater Toronto Area. We have a 24X7 hotline for emergency flood cleanup where our technicians provide you support while our cleaners reach you to get your house or office back in order. Our wide range of services includes water extraction, sanitation, damage repairs and cleaning as well as odour removal. Our professionals have been trained, tested and certified through the IICRC and specialize in sanitation of flood-affected spaces. Call us at +1-416-884-1652 to book your flood cleanup service today.

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