How to Avoid Salt Stains on Commercial Carpet

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Winter is coming, and before you know it, snow is right outside the door. With snow come the all-too-familiar white stains to defile our carpets, but when it comes to commercial carpets, more specifically, the impact of rock salt and other products used to melt snow is more significant.

This is attributed to a number of factors:

  • People come in and out of commercial buildings and businesses a lot more than they would, say, your home, meaning the high levels of commotion will result in more salt transferring onto commercial carpets than residential.
  • Because they are mainly used to cover large entrances, halls, and rooms, people tend to be frugal with the quality of carpets they use in commercial settings. Lower-quality carpets are more likely to get damaged by salt and show more stains.
  • Not all people have footwear designed especially for snow, which means that they enter buildings and stores without replacing their salt-coated outdoor shoes for a pair of indoor ones.

Carpet Salt Stain Prevention Tips

Among the many ways in which you can avoid salt marks on a commercial carpet, try the following:

  • Regular cleaning: Making sure you have a consistent carpet cleaning regimen in winter will help take out any existing stains before they become stubborn. During the winter time, it is recommended to clean carpets once a week for optimum results.
  • Protective coating: Many commercial carpet cleaning suppliers apply a top coat after cleaning in order to provide a protective shield that helps minimize the effects of snow.
  • Proactive cleaning: It is recommended to periodically keep the fronts of buildings, stores, and shops free of snow and slush. This will keep salt as well as all sorts of dirt at bay, and preserve your carpets.
  • Quality control: High-quality commercial carpets are more resilient and resistant to stains. Consider investing in carpets that can withstand the winter season, in addition to placing some welcome mats against which visitors can wipe their shoes before entering.
  • Shoe tray: An effective way to avoid carpet salt is by placing a shoe tray by the entrance with a sign that kindly asks visitors and employees to wipe their feet or put on a different pair of shoes inside.

Keep Your Carpets Neat This Winter Season

Keep your business, store, or workplace looking sharp and professional using some of these suggestions because there is nothing more welcoming to employees and customers alike during the winter than seeing a clean carpet upon entry.

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