Hotel Cleaning Procedures

Hotel Cleaning by mca group

The hotel industry is structurally different compared to other facilities in terms of cleaning procedures. It’s a place where guests stay overnight and need to feel secure and safe while staying in these facilities and that’s why it’s crucial for the cleaning to be top notch. Every hotel has a specific checklist, duties and protocols that need to be followed and adhered too. The commercial cleaning team needs to be timely and efficient in order to manage this type of work on a daily basis.

Due to the differentiation of guests actually staying overnight at these hotels, there are two different types of cleaning procedures; Stayovers and Checkout Clean. When it comes to these two different types of cleaning there’s the difference between the clean while guests are still staying in the room compared to when guests check out.

Cleaning Procedures

  1. Stayovers

Stay overs indicate that guests are staying in the room for a few nights prior to checkout. They will typically be cleaned in the afternoon and have a limited clean up that includes:

·      Disinfecting Washrooms

·      Fresh Towels

·      Fresh Toiletries if needed

·      Vacuum

·      Making the bed

·      Throwing out the garbage

2. Checkout

A checkout indicates the guest is leaving the room they occupied for the last few and will need a full thorough clean up before a different guest uses that same room. These clean ups are much more difficult and timelier as they only have a small window to get the room disinfected and cleaned. This type of clean up usually include:

·      Disinfecting the washroom

·      Replenishing all new toiletries and throwing out used ones from the past guest

·      Changing bed sheets and pillow cases

·      Mattress turnover

·      Full dusting of room

·      Disinfecting and wiping down the entire room

·      Throwing out the garbage

·      Fresh towels and robes

Uniformed staff is very important on the job as most of the cleaning is done while guests are still on site and around the hotel. MCA GROUP makes sure that their staff is consistently wearing uniforms we provide or provided by the hotel.

Other important areas of cleanup include the common areas, the outside exterior of the hotel including the parking lot, and the front entrance, office areas, pool and sauna areas and restaurant and dining areas. All of these need to be cleaned and disinfected daily as they are being in use every single day and being touched by 100’s of people. Day porters are sent out every day to clean in front of the hotel to make sure the first thing guests will see is a beautiful and clean hotel and throw out the daily garbage. They will pick up litter at the front of the entrance and parking lot and make sure everything is well rounded. Window cleaning on the main floor is very important too as glass doors and windows are touch often.

Another major area where we usually send five to six staff dependent on the size of the hotel is the laundry room. There will designate staff in this room doing all day cleaning for the rooms around the hotel. They need to make sure there is clean sheets consistently for all the check out and rooms and clean towels for every single room in the hotel. This job can be very straining as they are on the job all day and it is a very important in order to keep everything running smoothly.

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