How to know you’re getting the best value for you’re Cleaning

office cleaning cost

How to know that you’re getting a good price and budget and value for your cleaning service? Not only is it important for the cleaning of a facility to be impeccable, but it is also important to note whether you are getting the best value for that service.

There are a few ways to sense and understand how pricing and budgeting works when getting a quote for a cleaning service for a facility. Pricing for each facility varies depending on a number of a variables which include; square footage, number of people working, number of washrooms, kitchens, areas, and the scope of the client. Each facility that is quoted will be vary’ in price, and change dependent on those variables listed above plus a few other indicators that this blog will help you understand.

Making sure you know what services are included/what you’re expectations are for the cleaning service is very important before hiring a commercial cleaning service. Here are a few ways to help understand the scope of the cleaning service and get a better understanding of pricing, budgets and value.

  1. Monthly Price

It is important to understand how many hours of going into your cleaning service/month. Most companies will provide a monthly quote for their service, but will not indicate or give out the amount of hours that will be spent cleaning the facility. When understanding pricing and budgeting, it is important to understand how many hours are being put it in, and this will you give you an hourly rate. Once understanding the hourly cost, you can make a judgment on the fixated monthly cost and see if the price matches the amount of working being put into the cleaning.

2. Quality of Products

The quality of the chemicals and products being used is a another great indication to understand the pricing for you’re monthly cleaning service. Some services will use mediocre chemicals and old equipment for each service, but other companies like MCA Group will use top notch chemicals for each service. They will also provide brand new equipment for each contract, so each facility has their own sterilized and fresh products stored away for each clean. The chemicals being used should also be MSDC and be Health Canada approved in order to defeat certain bacteria’s including COVID-19. Using high quality equipment and chemicals will ensure a better a cleaning service, and give you a better understanding of the pricing being given.

3. Quality of Supervision

Budgets for quality supervision and customer service for complaints and issues is another aspect to consider when getting comparing prices between companies. In order to solve customer complaints some companies have developed apps that will easily resolve any issues. These developments help resolve any complaints the customer has quickly and efficiently rather than calling or emailing the problem to a customer service representative. Allocating budget costs towards this is pro active, and will give you the best quality service for a cleaning job. Companies that don’t budget towards supervision and client complaints, will have a different type of quote, so depending on timing the costs will vary with this variable.

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