How to Clean Your Computer

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Studies have found that the number of bacteria that lingers on your computer keyboard is 3x more than your toilet set. An even more unsettling study has showed it can have 3x more bacteria then a public toilet. It shows that up to 3000 bacteria per square lies on your computer keyboard and over 1600 bacteria per square is on a computer mouse. Of course these statistics aren’t completely accurate, but this type of information should scare you a bit, and get you into the routine of cleaning your computer on a weekly basis.

There are a number of areas on your desktop or laptop to clean including; screen, keyboard, mouse and exterior.  The task that’s been put off for years has finally come, and you are going to clean every inch of your computer. You will need a microfiber cleaning cloth, Q tips and some isopropyl alcohol for this cleaning job. Make sure to turn off your device before you start cleaning in order to avoid any internal damages to the hardware.


Take your microfiber cleaning cloth and damp it a little bit with some water and give the exterior of your computer a nice wipe down, and make sure not to get any water in the creases. Make sure to wipe down the back, sides and bottom of the computer, not forgetting to leave any area behind.


First take your dry microfiber cloth and wipe down the screen to get any excess dirt off the area, and then damp the cloth and go from corner to corner wiping down the screen. Make sure your cloth isn’t too wet so it doesn’t damage the computer screen, and wipe the screen until you can see a reflection through the black glass.


We all know everyone loves to eat around their computer, while their working or watching a show or just browsing the internet.  This also means that crumbs are lingering in-between all your keys, and needs to be removed before we wipe it down. If you have a little fan, or any compressed air, it would be a great tool to blow away any crumbs off you keyboard. Afterwards you can grab your Q tips and soak with a little alcohol and try get in-between the keys and underneath them for a deeper more efficient clean.


If you have a mousepad, make sure to give that a nice wipe down as well. You can either damp the cloth with water or spray it with a little alcohol. If you have an external mouse, make sure to unplug it from your device before cleaning it. Once its unplugged just give it a nice wipe down all around the mouse, making sure no liquids seep inside of it and getting every inch of dirt off of it.

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