Desk Organization

Desk Organization

Keeping an organized desk allows productivity and work ethic to exceed to its full potential.  As they say, ‘a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind’, and in order to concentrate and work efficiently you need a clean and organized desk to make it happen.

Putting in a little time and energy towards this organization will go a long way in your work productivity and help ease your stress and anxiety. An organized desk will help organize your lifestyle and everyday routine and habits. Once you have a clear space and mindset everything else will fall into place and your whole life will become organized as well.

Desk Organization Guide

Here are some steps to help get you started:

1)    Remove Everything Off your Desk

·      You need to start from scratch and remove all items off your desk in order to get this process started. Put all your items aside until you are ready to retrieve them and start setting up your desk.

2)    Wipe Down and Clean your Desk

·      This is the perfect opportunity to clean your desk inside and out with a nice dust and wipe down. Make sure to get inside the drawers and little areas where dust collects to make it spotless. This is something you should be doing at least once a week.

3)     Throw away Any Unnecessary Items

·      The number one and yet hardest thing to do in order to have an organized space is to throw out any unnecessary items you have lying around. Everyone loves to collect unnecessary items, but these items eventually pile up.  Be honest with yourself and figure out the most important items that you use on a daily or weekly basis and the items that are no longer of use.

4)    Organize the Layout of your Desk

·      The next step is to segment your desk to your liking and what makes the most sense. If you’re losing a laptop everyday it would make more sense to keep the laptop towards the front of the desk and all papers and supplies near the back. All these items should have some space between one another and nothing should crowd the desk. The goal here is to keep the desk to a minimum not leaving it cluttered with too many items.

5)    Two Tray System

·      Utilizing a tray system will help organize papers scattered around your desk. The two tray system can be for files that are completed and files that need to be renewed or dealt with. If you feel you need another tray feel free to add on more dependent on your files and work.

6)    Set aside office Supplies

·      Having your pencils and pens lying around the desk, make it easy to lose or become clutter amongst everything else. Keeping office supplies neatly stored in your desk drawer will give you access to plenty of room on your desk, and ensure you can always find your supplies.  If the desk you are using doesn’t have a drawer another great solution is using a cup holder. Having one at the corner of your desk with all your supplies; pencils, pens, erasers, rulers will be easy to navigate and locate loose items and leave them away from your desktop and work.

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