Checklist for Reopening the Workplace after Covid-19

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With the threat of Covid-19 continuing to be a problem, it is vital that business owners, facility managers, HR departments and employees take proper steps in the workplace to ensure their health and safety is secured.

During the next few months’ workspaces will start to reopen and before doing so there needs to be a few things done in order to make it safe. There is a lot unknown certainty about this virus, but from the information that we do know there are steps and measures that can be enforced to ensure the cleanest and safest space.

The steps below are ways business spaces can be proactive in keeping their spaces safe and clean for all their employees. MCA cleaning service will do their part in making sure offices are clean on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, but that’s not the only work that needs to be done to maintain a clean workspace. It is also important for the employees and staff to uphold their end to maintain a clean and safe environment. Everyone needs to maintain their duty and party in taking extra steps to fight and prevent this virus from entering the workplace.

Here are some steps on how to maintain a clean and safe office space

1) Hand sanitizing stations

Before employees return back to the office, there should be hand sanitizing stations installed around every corner of the facility. Encourage employees with signs and enforcement rules to make sure to sanitize frequently throughout the day.

  • After shaking someone’s hand
  • Going outside
  • After meetings
  • Touching unclean surfaces

2) Providing distance in the facility

Making sure there’s distance between peoples workstations is vitally important during this time period. The W.H.O has made it clear that keeping a distance of 6ft apart was crucial during this pandemic. Once returning back to work keeping space between people is very important for the employee’s comfort and safety. This is very important, as confined space environments can be very hazardous. Make sure to reassess the workspace and consider if changes need to made, and if it complies with those social distancing rules.

  • Creating space or boards between work pods in offices
  • Spacing out tables at restaurants
  • Making sure there are doors separating private spaces
  • Creating spacious common areas facilities

The future of office spaces should be spacious between employees.

3) Perform Routine Wipe downs

Although cleaning services will provide a thorough clean after each night, there is still work to be done on your end to maintain a clean and sade workspace. Workspaces should have a supply of disinfectant wipes for all employees to make sure their own areas and workspaces are cleaned daily. Make it important to note that everyone has an obligation to wipe down their stations at the end of each day.

  • Keyboards
  • Mouse
  • Desk
  • Tables
  • Anything personal on your desk
  • Tables at a restaurant after each customer leaves
  • Kitchen table after you finish a meal
  • Microwaves after each use
  • Computer Screen

4) Fresh air circulation

Make sure to take a few minutes of your workday to take a step outside and get some fresh air. The amount of germs in a confined area can really be overwhelming, so it’s very important to take the time to get some air circulation from outside. Stepping out to get some fresh air can make a such difference by improving your mental and physical health.

5) Tell Employees to Stay home if they, or someone they live with feels sick or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms

This is extremely important to explain to your employees, as this virus is very contagious and easily able to get into the workspace. If they are feeling any type of symptoms encourage employees to work from home for 14 days or however long they feel necessary until they recover.

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