Why Commercial Cleaning is Recession and Pandemic Proof


Every few years, the economy undergoes a massive recession leaving many businesses to fall through or completely go under.

The economy down turn through a recession is very unfortunate for the individuals who get laid off and the businesses that struggle immensely through it.

But fortunately a commercial cleaning business offers more stability through those economic downturns, and are pretty much recession proof.

Why Commercial Cleaning is Pandemic Proof

Cleaning is good for all businesses. There will never be a time a company will say no to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Most of the time funds will be allocated towards cleanliness even through the worst of times.

Businesses wouldn’t be able to operate and function without a certain level of cleanliness in that environment. In order to risk any scrutiny or health violations they will always need to hire a cleaning service to make sure the employees have a clean space to work in.

We see proof in the facts during 2020 and the unfortunate virus Covid-19 that took over the entire world. This pandemic affected the economy significantly, and is still struggling to make a come back from all the results. The proof is in the numbers and calls still being made towards our business and how our commercial cleaning business was able to handle the economic downturn.

Does this mean commercial cleaning wasn’t affected?

No of course not. The commercial cleaning business got hit and was negatively affected while all operations were shut down for several months. There was many cut backs and many facilities that didn’t have the funds to operate overall during that time. But the facilities that were able to operate during the quarantine were still in need of cleaning and we were able to financially support our business through that.

Through this pandemic the number one priority for everyone was to keep safe and clean. Clean is the key word and element that saved the commercial cleaning business once again from going under. Before this pandemic, the cleanliness factor for every facility was a major priority, but now it is the number one. Its been enabled in everyone’s mind that disinfections are mandatory and necessary in every single building in order to kill off this infectious virus. Due to the severity of the virus and its tendency to linger on surfaces, companies are being extra cautious and upping their weekly cleaning services.

The price point to an efficient and clean space for you and your employees is priceless when it comes to the health and safety of everyone. The investment being made towards customers feeling safe and secure in the environment they choose to be in everyday.

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