Keep Your Office Clean During Cold and Flu Season

flu season office cleaning

Millions of Canadians contract the flu each year. While there are measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of getting sick, shared spaces often present the perfect opportunity for germs to spread. One prominent space is at work.

Office cleaning should be a high priority for every company. Not only does a clean working space look appealing to potential clients, but it also promotes productivity. When employees come in contact with germs at work and get sick, they often have to use their sick days, which means their work goes undone while they recover.

Even though it is impossible to completely rid your workplace of office germs, especially since germs can live on surfaces for extended periods of time, it is worth it to invest in dependable office cleaning services to minimise office sickness.

The Right Commercial Cleaning Company for Flu Prevention

Since there are many office cleaning companies to choose from, selecting the right one to fit your needs is vital. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for commercial cleaning services for your business:

Ask for References.

This is always a good step to determine whether a commercial cleaning company is established and reputable. Who have they worked for in the past? Do their past clients recommend them? Starting with these basic questions will point you in the right direction. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on office cleaning services only to find mould in the office.

Ask about Their Office Cleaning Checklist.

Photo of Checklist

Office cleaning is more than just dusting, vacuuming and emptying wastebaskets. To prevent the spread of germs, surfaces in your office need to be disinfected daily. Find out what checklist your cleaning crew should adhere to and what kind of cleaning products they use.

Find Out Their Hiring Process.

This may not seem important, but it is. You want to know what screening process the office cleaning company you are considering uses for hiring its staff. Keep in mind that the cleaning staff will have access to your office after hours, so you need to ensure that people cleaning your office space are knowledgeable and conduct themselves professionally.

Do They Have Liability Insurance?

When it comes to commercial property cleaning, certain licenses and standards need to be adhered to. In addition, prospective commercial cleaning companies should be able to provide proof of liability insurance. This will protect you and the cleaning staff in the case of injury.

It is essential to hire a professional office cleaning service. Companies that abide by hygiene standards will protect your workplace from potential diseases and keep your employees healthy.