Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Many places are easily overlooked in your workspace. As a result, dust, debris, and germs collect regularly on surfaces and appliances. On the other hand, spring is a good time to do extra cleaning in your office environment. Making a spring cleaning list of chores in your workspace will help you sanitize all the forgotten areas in your environment.

Spring Office Cleaning Tips

Although a thorough office cleaning covers all areas and surfaces, experts recommend you pay extra attention to the following:


Dust and debris can quickly build up on large, flat surfaces such as desktops, especially in the harder-to-reach areas that are hidden by computers and other office equipment. Wiping down your whole desk surface will remove all the dust specs and air particles that have landed there over time.

Pictures and Décor Cleaning

Cards, trinkets, pictures, and other work knick-knacks can pile up throughout the year, making your workstation look cluttered. Getting rid of what you no longer need or want will give you more room to work while improving the look of your workspace.

Desktop Computer and Parts

Desktop computers are major dust collectors that are rarely cleaned. Keyboards quickly collect particles underneath the keys while the constant touching of the keyboard surface and mouse adds bacteria and germs. What is more, you can easily transfer these microbes to other areas of your home and work. Wipe your computer, keyboard, and the mouse with a disinfectant wipe to remove the dirt and germs.

 Laptop Cleaning

Like a desktop computer, a laptop has a lot of dirt and bacteria that accumulate with regular use. Wiping down your laptop screen, keypad, and any laptop accessories will eliminate the debris from the surfaces.

 Cords and Cables Tidying

Too many electrical cables also make your workspace look untidy and cluttered. During your office spring cleaning, go through your cables to make sure they are all organized. Remove old, unused cords to keep your workstation tidy.

 Desk Phones Sanitisation

Phones are used regularly but aren’t cleaned regularly. In fact, work phones are one of the dirtiest pieces of equipment in your office. To remove the bacteria from the buttons and receiver, wipe your phone with a disinfecting wipe biweekly to keep it free of harmful germs.

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 Fridge Cleaning

The office fridge is used by many but not cleaned as often as it should be. At least once each month, the inside should be thoroughly wiped and old food items discarded to keep mould and bacteria from building.

 Small Kitchen Appliances

Office appliances like microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, and toaster ovens are used on a daily basis. Adding these appliances to your spring cleaning checklist is a great way to make sure your food and beverages are safe to eat.

Arranging Drawers

Cleaning your desk drawers during spring cleaning is a fantastic way to declutter. Get rid of old papers, office tools, kitchen utensils, and other wasteful collectibles while wiping dirt and dust mites off your drawers.

 Filing Cabinet & File Arrangement

Filing cabinets tops collect dust that can be easily cleaned with a disinfecting wipe. Once the exterior is clean, go through the files to remove all outdated, old materials that are taking up space.

Spring is a great time to clean all the forgotten areas in your workplace. Hiring a professional cleaning company can help you properly disinfect your whole office so your staff do not have to take time from their busy schedules. If you have a busy schedule and clients to tend to, contact an office cleaning service to save yourself the time and trouble of doing it yourself.

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