Winter Office Cleaning Tips

office winter cleaning

While office cleaning should be a priority at all times of the year, winter cleaning is even more important. As soon as temperatures drop at the beginning of fall, the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu increases significantly. There is also the white smudges and the dirt that your staff and clients are bringing in from outside onto your floors. This is why it is important to keep your workplace in check particularly during the winter.

The Importance of Office Winter Cleaning


Winter brings along a lot of snow and ice presents an additional hazard that you need to be mindful of. As employees enter the building, they bring remnants of snow on their boots which makes floors and rugs wet. To reduce the likelihood of someone slipping on a wet floor, keep the floor as dry as possible.

Healthier and Happier Staff

Toronto Office CleaningWinter cleaning plays a key part in reducing the spread of cold and flu viruses in your office. Healthy employees are essential in order for any business to thrive. The healthier your staff is, the more productive they can be, which boosts your company’s overall performance.

Leaving a Good Impression

First impressions are lasting impressions. As a business, you want to take pride in how your company is perceived. As soon as your clients are greeted at the reception area, they form their first opinion about your business. During the winter particularly, your floors will constantly have dirt on them from all the snow and salt from outside. Special attention should be given to floors and rugs in your office to reflect what your business has to offer.

Winter Office Cleaning Checklist

There are measures business owners can take on their own to maintain the cleanliness of your work space, but there are some office cleaning tips you can use to promote a germ-free environment at work:

  • Keep Windows Clean. Office window cleaning should be done more regularly during the winter months because snow and other precipitation cause more dirt on windows to build up.
  • Disinfect Common Areas. This is key to ensuring bacteria and viruses that cause colds and the flu do not thrive in your office.
  • Keep Floors Dry and Clean. This will require a lot of attention because your employees will be constantly going in and out of the office for various breaks. Find out what kind of office cleaning checklist your commercial cleaning company has for winter months.

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