All You Need to Know About Pub & Restaurant Cleaning

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With stringent safety and hygiene standards, restaurant, bar, and pub owners have their work cut out for them when it comes to cleaning. Often times with larger establishments, it’s impossible to expect employees to do their best job with regards to sanitation. As a restaurant manager or owner, you know how important it is for there to be no problems comes inspection date, so you’re stuck with the responsibility of keeping your business pristine.

Hiring professional cleaning services

Thankfully, the solution to your problems lies in professional cleaning services. When you hire a professional cleaning service you are hiring an expert team whose singular goal is to keep your restaurant, bar or pub sparkling. Because of the rigorous standards imposed in Canada, almost all cleaning services offer routine maintenance and high standards of sanitation, which you simply cannot expect from employees due to regular ongoing demand. MCA group, like many other names in professional janitorial services, offers a customizable restaurant and pub cleaning service which will guarantee the highest standards of hygiene both in front of the house and in the kitchen.

Here is what you can expect from our company and teams:

Devotion to standards

Our investment in equipment and training allows us to maintain a leading standard in the industry. We carefully select and employ trained, devoted individuals who continuously strive to improve their range of services and techniques. In addition, we adapt to the times and continuously implement new technologies into our cleaning process. Our comprehensive range of bar and restaurant cleaning services offers unmatched standards.

Complete range of services

In addition to daily maintenance and cleaning of the front and back end bar and restaurant areas, we offer specialty services such as sanitization, kitchen deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning and renewal, conversation and more.

Restaurant & Bar Cleaning Services in Toronto and the GTA
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Fully customizable schedule

Our scheduled planning services are fully customizable for your benefit. With regularly scheduled maintenance you save time and money on the arrangement of your cleaning dates. We accommodate to your needs and can operate within and outside operating hours. Create a highly-customized schedule with different services on different dates, or take advantage of our cleaning packages.

Eco-friendly cleaning

We offer complete eco-friendly cleaning options and aim to use only safe, environmentally conscious products that meet every safety concern you may have. Our company is devoted to reducing harmful chemical runoff, water preservation, and other eco-friendly practices. We consider it our responsibility to the environment to use different methods of cleaning and sanitization, as to decrease the possibility of adverse effects of chemicals on your business or the environment as a whole.

restaurant cleaning services

MCA Group is your number one cleaning and janitorial service company in the GTA. WE are completely bonded and insured and are a highly trusted professional company dedicated to sanitization and cleanliness. Our cleaning teams use the latest in eco-friendly products to make sure that your property is clean and customers are 100% satisfied. We provide all clients with a free estimate, custom tailored action plan and cost-effective services unparalleled in the industry. For a free estimate please call or email our company at: (416) 884-1652 or For more information about our services and service areas, visit our website.