Safety Steps School should take for the safety of children and staff

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Schools should be a safe place for kids to learn and for parents to feel at ease while they send their children off. But now parents have to wonder if it’s safe anymore to send their kids off while this virus is still a big concern. Schools have been shut down for some time, while online learning has been substituted in the meantime to get children the education they need. As the economy starts to open up, schools must start to reopen too as children need the best form of education in their prime youth. Although high school and university students can manage and be sufficient with online courses the younger children learn best in school.

 In order for parents to feel secure again after the Covid-19 outbreak, schools must make some changes for the students and staff’s safety. These changes will help reassure parents that schools are doing everything they can in order to keep everyone safe. It’s really important these kids get a proper education and not allow them suffer any long due to these unfortunate circumstances.

What Safety Steps Can Help?

  • Cleaning and Disinfecting: Schools need to be extra diligent in the cleaning process in their facilities. The amount of germs that are spread from all the children is enormous and hiring a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean every day is very important. Cleaning services should be disinfecting and cleaning all high touch point areas of the building from top to bottom.
  • Fogging and Disinfecting: Before schools are open it is highly encouraged for the schools to get a fogging and disinfecting done for the entire school, making sure every room is spotless clean. This will make sure any type of virus including covid-19 is killed, leaving it to be safe for the arrival of students on their first day.
  • Health Screenings: Before entering the school, all children should be getting temperature checks to prevent Covid-19 from coming inside. If someone is positive from the screening, there needs to be protocols in place for isolation at home, and being able to complete work and education during that period of time while recovering.
  • Face Coverings: All teachers should be wearing masks inside the school at all times. Depending on the age of student- middle school and high school students should be wearing masks too during teaching sessions. Elementary students may have a tough time doing this, and should have the option of not being able too.
  • Hand Washing and Sanitizing: Students must sanitize hands before entering the school, and classrooms. There must be accessible hand sanitizer stations in each classroom and in the hallways with signs posted around the school. Encourage students constantly to wash their hands in the bathroom and after recess.
  • Spacing: Teachers should try to space out desks within their classrooms, so there is distance between each student. Try and limit sizes of classrooms to make sure there can only be a specific amount of children in each class that allows for spacing of desks.
  • Disinfecting Desks and Chairs: Teachers should wipe and disinfect all desks and chairs between classes so the next set of children using them are ensured a safe environment
  • Mark the Floors: Mark the floors with areas in the hallways so students are scattering everywhere to get to each classroom. This will allow a flow to emerge for students in the hallway to form a single line and be socially distanced.
  • Try to limit movement of children: Try organizing class schedules where the teachers move within the periods rather than the students. Schools should attempt to make lunch period in classrooms instead of cafeteria or make the cafeteria assigned seating.

Schools need to attempt to make safe and cautious changes and decisions in order to help spread the Covid-19 virus. None of these steps are a hundred percent effective, but with the help of these steps it can limit the spread and help put parents at ease.