How to Get the Best Results for Washing Windows

Washing Windows

Cleaning windows is an art form. The best way to clean windows is through the help of professionals who have the right tools and equipment to give you a lasting and streak-free clean. As a commercial business owner, it is important to keep your establishment looking its finest for your tenants. This means washing windows regularly to remove any dirt, debris, or pollution. But how do you get streak-free window cleaning?

Here are some helpful hints on the best way to wash windows for the best results.

How To Clean Windows

Have you always wondered how to clean windows without streaks? Well, the answer starts with using the right equipment to get the job done right. Commercial buildings offer unique challenges like how to clean windows outside when they are high up or at unique angles.

Before you begin any cleaning job, make sure you know what your windows are made of so you can use the right cleaning products. Harsh chemicals can damage window frames and window edges so check to see which cleaners are right for your windows to avoid damage.

The first thing you need to do is assemble the tools you are going to use such as:

  • Brush or broom with a long handle
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Squeegee
  • Window cleaner
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Drying pad

These supplies will ensure your windows look great and are streak-free.

Remove Any Curtains or Blinds

The next step in how to wash windows is removing any objects that might be in the way such as curtains or blinds. This will give you the best access and will not damage your window dressings. Remember to put any clips or rings in a safe place so you can find them again later when replacing curtains. In the case of commercial buildings, if the blinds can’t be removed, then pull them to the side or wrap them to avoid contact with any cleaners or liquid.

cleaning solution

Try Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Natural cleaning solutions often provide superior window washing results without the need for harsh chemicals. This can be particularly important in commercial buildings that house animals such as a pet store or if you want to protect the health and safety of tenants in your commercial building. Check the labels of cleaning solutions to ensure they are eco-rated or create your own using water and a few drops of vinegar. Sometimes the simplest cleaning solution is the best solution.

frames window cleaning

Start With the Frames

Start with the frames when doing exterior window cleaning. This will prevent dirt and debris from ruining the look of your windows after you have cleaned them. Use a wet sponge or cloth with a mild cleaner, followed by a dry sponge to clean up any excess water. Do not use harsh chemicals on painted or treated frames. This can cause the finish to peel or crack.

microfibre cloth cleaning

Use an S-shaped Motion to Clean the Glass Pane

Get the perfect clean using an S-shaped motion paired with a microfibre cloth. This will allow you to reach all areas of your window effectively. Follow with a squeegee going in the opposite direction to clean up any water or suds.

Clean the Window Edges

Once you have completed cleaning your windows, wipe the edges with a cloth or sponge to soak up any excess water. To give an enhanced white finish to your window edges, try using white toothpaste which will naturally eat away at any grime or dirt giving you a gleaming white finish.

window cleaning good weather

Clean in Good Weather Conditions

One of the biggest questions of how to wash windows outside is when is the best time? Surprisingly, the answer is on a cloudy day. This will prevent glare which can make cleaning exterior windows hazardous. Cleaning on a cloudy day also helps avoid streaking caused by cleaning solutions drying too quickly before they can be wiped clean. Avoid cleaning windows on rainy days which can lead to streaks and may present other risks such as dangerous weather conditions.

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