How to Disinfect Your Car

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In this new world of cautiousness and fear, we need to more prepared then ever when it comes to the Covid-19 virus. We did not expect a virus to be so strong and contagious that it would have an effect as serious as it did on this entire world. Cleaning and disinfecting are the two most important notions that are in effect in order to help prevent this virus from spreading.

Due to the virus, people are now scared and cautious to take the public transport and be in contact with strangers outside their homes. In order to keep safe, everyone should be disinfecting and washing their hands as much as possible to keep everyone and themselves preventive from this virus.

Since public transport isn’t the most popular use of transportation at the moment, this has made taxi’s and Ubers very common in use. Many people who prefer to get around using this form of transportation to keep themselves safe and away from strangers and un-sanitized areas. This means it is very important for these vehicles to be very clean and constantly sanitized to help protect their customers.

If a vehicle is being used by multiple people daily, most areas of the car will be frequently touched; steering wheel, handles, windows etc. Every time a new user is coming into the car, new bacteria is coming inside and lingering on the leather seats of areas of the vehicle.

Methods of Cleaning Inside Your Car

There are a few methods to clean the inside of your car, that would work just as efficiently as you would use inside your home. The only problem is the interior of your car is less durable due to the leather then a counter inside your house, so being mindful of cleaning products is important to not damage the interior of the car.

Cleaning the vehicle with soap and water can be one use of disinfecting your car from the Covid-19 virus and will eliminate all the bacteria from it. But this can be very time consuming and it would take some time to scrub the areas where passengers were sitting after each use.

According to the CDC, they approved 70 percent alcohol is effective against coronavirus. You can use this as a spray or with a cloth after each use in the car to clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. There will be a strong lingering smell, for your next customers and throughout the day if this is your form of method of disinfecting.

As preventative as these methods are, the downfall is that over time this could have a negative effect on the interior leather of your car. Most leather in vehicles have a urethane coating for protection, which is safe for cleaning products and alcohol. But over time cleaning the area with alcohol constantly can leave it susceptible to damage and eventually discoloration, which will ruin the leather of the car.

Another form of method, if you are a taxi driver or shared-form of driver using the vehicle to drive people around is purchasing a mini disinfectant fogger machine. There are many on the market including a mini thermal fogger for example that are environmentally safe and 99.9% effective. These machines will produce a dry dog, so the fabric won’t get wet or cause any type of odour. Once sprayed there is no need to wipe anything down as the fog will seep into the leather and eliminate all types of bacteria including Covid-19. There is no harm to humans, pets, plants or any other life forms and is completely safe. You can also this machine on the exterior of your car as well after each customer to ensure the safest ride for your customers.

Cleaning your vehicle after each use is very important in order to keep our community and people safe during this unprecedented time. There is no time like the future to start cleaning and disinfecting your car in order to help prevent the spread of covid-19.