Gym Reopening – How to keep it safe and clean

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After a year of Covid-19 entering our lives and the country shutting down it is finally time to see everything starting to reopen. The province is taking slow and safe measures in the reopening of restaurants, gyms and small businesses that have been shut down for over a year now. We are starting to see different regions open and allowing businesses and customers to finally enter their stores.

Without the gyms being open for a year, people are ready to get back at it and get fit and healthy for the summer season. Due to country wide shut down it has caused an alarming amount of suicidal and depressing mental health rates. People use the gym to escape from their lives and find motivation and happiness through that.  Exercise is a form of therapy that releases endorphins that triggers a positive feeling in the body. With the doors being shut on gyms, it has caused a lot of struggle for everyone to find alternative ways to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle during this lockdown.

In order to make the reopening process safe and secure for everyone, all gyms will need to ensure new measures are put in place. These new rules will need to follow all health codes in order to stay open without any problems or issues. People need to feel safe while working out and not have to worry about contracting any type of virus. Here are some tips on how to make your gym safe and secure for all customers.

1)    Disinfect and Fogging of the entire area before reopening– Before you open your doors to customers it is very important to hire a professional cleaning company to disinfect and fog out the entire area making sure to eliminate any virus lingering on any surface area.

2)    Find a cleaning company that will clean your gym top to bottom daily– The amount of people coming in and out of the gym bringing in with them unknown bacteria is alarming. It’s important all surfaces are cleaned daily in order to avoid covid-19 from entering the premises. Make sure they clean the gym, washrooms, sauna, locker room, waiting area, front desk.

3)    Make sure sanitizing machines are put around the entire gym- This is important because it will motivate people to honestly keep washing their hands and keeping clean while working out. Make sure people sanitize their hands before entering the gym- place a sanitizing machine at the front door as people enter.

4)    Create signs all around the gym- Create signs indicating everyone to sanitize their hands and sanitize their equipment after each use. This is very important and mandatory after people are done using the equipment. Customers should also be sanitizing their lockers after they are done using it too. This will ensure the next person using it that it is clean and safe to put their belongings in.

5)    Make sure everyone is wearing a mask- Everyone must be wearing a mask as soon as they enter the gym. When they are moving around stations in the gym to different areas, masks should be mandatory and once they get to their area, they should be able to remove masks and continue working out.

6)    Spread out equipment- Depending on the size of your gym, this may or not be a difficult task, but in order for people to have space and feel safe it would be smart to space out the equipment in the gym. People will want to avoid close contact with strangers, so this will give them some comfort.

It is really important to hire a professional cleaning service to maintain and clean the building as much as possible. The number of bacteria being contracted and coming in and out consistently is a very high amount. MCA wants to ensure the safety of the public, and that’s why they offer the best cleaning service in the province. We hold very high standards for ourselves and want to ensure a safe opening for all businesses. It would be smart and highly recommended to do a fogging of the entire gym and a daily clean top to bottom to have the cleanest facility around. Don’t risk the safety of your staff and customers, let’s fight this virus together!