The Future of Fogging and Disinfecting

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We are now living in a Covid and pandemic world filled with fear and distraught. Most countries have locked up their cities in order to keep people safe from this infectious disease and lower the number of infected citizens.

Although lockdown measures are in place, there are still essential service businesses that remain open and need consistent cleaning to make sure health codes are in place. It is vital these businesses are kept clean to protect the workers that are still putting their lives at risk every day in order to keep this economy running.

This infectious disease isn’t going away anytime soon, so its our job to find ways to help prevent this virus from spreading and keeping all areas and buildings as clean and virus free as possible. People need to feel safe operating with their daily lives when restrictions are lifted and feel at ease when they enter any type of building. We want to normalize life again, and in order to do that, commercial cleaning services need to step in and provide the most efficient and detailed cleaning service as possible.

With the latest technology’s being introduced MCA is able to do just that with a new fogging and disinfecting machine called PROTECHzU. Introducing the new and unique antimicrobial Dual-Barrier Protectant that kills and prevents germs and bacteria for 60 days. This new product provides an umbrella of protection against a wide range of pathogens and viruses, including H1N1 and Noroviruses, and has been shown to be effective against SARS, a virus that is from the same family as the novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 or COVI D-19.

What makes PROTECHZu so unique?

1.     PROTECHzU provides a dual-protection antimicrobial barrier against germs

o   Most disinfectants kill germs on contact. Once applied, disinfectants quickly lose their effectiveness, and no longer protect against ongoing contamination. PROTECHzU is not a disinfectant, but a surface protectant. PROTECHzU combines the unique properties of nanoceramics with an antimicrobial to provide a dual-protection barrier against germs. It is more effective than typical disinfectants to fight pathogens by a factor of 9,000 to 50,000 times!

2.     PROTECHzU provides a durable umbrella of protection

o   Most disinfectants last for hours or, at most, days, particularly in high-traffic and high-touch areas. They are easily scrubbed off, or rubbed off onto hands. This technology is a unique surface protectant, using nanoceramic technology to fuse onto surfaces. PROTECHzU does not scrub off and does not rub off.

3.     PROTECHzU prevents the potential for future contamination of surfaces

o   Most topical “antimicrobial” treatments are actually disinfectants. They do not protect, but disinfect. Once applied, they rapidly lose their effectiveness, and the surface becomes contaminated again within days, if not hours. PROTECHzU is a surface protectant, that penetrates into and fuses with surfaces. It creates a barrier that is incredibly long-lasting and durable, preventing the contamination of surfaces for months, and, in some applications, years

4.     PROTECHzU is SAFE

o   Most disinfectants can be toxic, especially with repeated exposure and with continued use. Specialized protective equipment is required during their application. They have to be used with caution around children and pets. PROTECHzU is nontoxic, using FDA-and EPA-compliant antimicrobials that are proven safe.

5.     PROTECHzU can be safely applied onto a wide range of surfaces

o   Most disinfectants can only be applied on hard surfaces, as they can become absorbed into surfaces, especially porous surfaces. Once absorbed, disinfectants become ineffective. PROTECHzU can be applied to porous and to nonporous materials. Due to the unique adhering properties of the nanoceram ic matrix, PROTECHzU can be applied to metals, painted surfaces, composites, fabrics and textiles, vinyl, glass, leather, marble, glazed tile and grout, wood, and concrete.

6.     PROTECHzU protects surfaces, and does not damage them

o   Most disinfectants are corrosive, and so cause chemical damage of surfaces, particularly over time, as they have to be constantly applied again and again to be effective. PROTECHzU fuses to surfaces, and does not change or corrode them

7.     PROTECHzU can be applied onto most high-touch, high-traffic objects:

o   Most disinfectants are readily washed off or rubbed off onto hands, particularly in high-traffic and high-touch areas. PROTECHzU fuses to surfaces, and can be safely applied to every day objects. PROTECHzU stays in place even in high-touch traffic areas, and can be applied to door knobs, handles, hand railings, control buttons, levers, duct work, service counters, walls, floors, and restroom surfaces.

8.     PROTECHzU can be safely used where food is prepared and served

o   Most disinfectants spread and leach, and are toxic when ingested. The antimicrobial in. The antimicrobial does not leach or seep out. PROTECHzU can be safely used on surfaces in kitchens and on food preparation areas, and does not contaminate food.

This new technology will help provide a peace of mind for employees and guests at their businesses.  It is vital to start taking action now, and disinfecting all spaces in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. If you are concerned about your work environment and space it is time to be responsible and fight off this bacteria with the latest fogging and disinfecting. MCA offers one time or full time cleaning services for fogging and disinfecting for all businesses and industries across the GTA.

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