Toronto Office Cleaning, Health, and Productivity

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It is important to perform Toronto office cleaning on a regular basis. It is not enough to just clear the trash and maybe sweep the floor, the cleanliness of your office has a huge impact on the health of everybody inside it. Office employees spend a huge amount of time at work, and if space is full of allergens and other irritants it can lead to adverse health and productivity effects.

Toronto Office Cleaning and Health

Your office space is dirtier than you might think. According to this infographic by DeskTime, only 3% of offices keep their equipment sufficiently clean, and just one person carrying a virus will infect 50% of all employees around them within just 4 hours. An unclean office during flu season is a breeding ground for viral infections.

In warmer weather Toronto office cleaning is also vital, as the space becomes a haven for pollen, mold, and dust mites:

  • Mold exists everywhere but thrives indoors, causing irritation and respiratory problems. Black Mold is not necessarily more toxic or harmful than other kinds, it is just the kind that tends to grow indoors.
  • Dust mites are microscopic creatures that can exist everywhere from the floors and carpets to the air we breathe. They are a common asthma attack trigger, and can cause other respiratory problems.
  • Pollen is a prominent allergen for many Canadians. Many plants like grass, maple trees, ragweed, and even office flowers produce pollen that can cause itchy and watery eyes, sinus issues, respiratory problems, fatigue, sneezing, and runny noses. We bring these into our offices with open windows and doors, and on our clothing.

Toronto Office Cleaning

Toronto Office Cleaning and Productivity

When your workers are experiencing consistent health problems they are more likely to miss work, or underperform while they are there. Toronto office cleaning can remove many of the irritants present in your office space and potentially increase workplace productivity. Regular cleaning and janitorial services are a win-win: your workers will find themselves feeling healthier, and their output can increase with these distractions out of the way.

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MCA Group has been providing efficient, effective, thorough, and eco-friendly Toronto office cleaning and janitorial services for over 25 years. We offer flexible pricing plans and scheduling, with before- and after-hours cleaning services available. Contact us today to get a free quote, and we will help you make your office a clean and productive environment.