What You Need to Know when Hiring a Restaurant Cleaning Company

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Today’s dynamic food service industry demands commercial standards of cleanliness and hygiene to match every more strict inspection rules and guidelines. For these reasons, it’s difficult to maintain your restaurant or bar at the level the industry demands. As a result, many restaurant owners or managers choose to lighten the workloads of their staff and hire a professional cleaning service to maintain the area. Professional janitorial services keep the establishment clean for your restaurant’s patrons and employees, working in any area and adhering to your standards.

Most professional companies offer back and front of house service, and complete sanitization of all areas including bathrooms and kitchen areas- or the portions that are most important for inspections. However, many managers and owners also don’t know what to look for when hiring a professional cleaning company for their restaurant, resulting in the process being difficult and strenuous.

For your benefit, we’ve assembled a guide of the things you need to know when hiring, or choosing a company to clean and maintain your restaurant.

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Remember to budget accordingly

Before looking for a service, allocate a portion of your budget into regular cleaning. Call ahead and get a quoted price from a variety of companies to get the most cost-effective service for your budget and desired cleaning frequency. Remember that even if your budget does not allow for daily service, less frequent but heavier cleaning is also an option.

Plan what Cleaning services you will need

Determine whether you will need light cleaning, heavy cleaning, the areas which you will need to be cleaned and the range of services you will require regularly. Options such as deep cleaning of the kitchen or stripping and waxing of your floors may cost extra as opposed to a regular daily cleaning service. Before you research companies, you should have some idea of your expectations as well as an idea of what areas will need to be cleaned how often.

Opt for the companies with the most comprehensive range

 As even a brief search will usually bring up hundreds of options in your area, you may end up overwhelmed with the selection. As a general rule of thumb, you should go with trusted names that offer a wide array of services. Things to look for would also be available, the possibility of environmentally friendly cleaning options and openness to before and after hours work.

Screen for trusted, insured, licenced

If you’re having trouble still, another good option is to go with what other restaurant owners know. Word of mouth may tell you more than an online review will. Never consider a company that is not explicitly insured and licenced, as you may be liable for damages and infractions. Always look through credentials and certifications before contacting any company.

Conduct interviews

As with any hiring process, it’s important to conduct interviews before hiring workers. The same goes for any professional cleaning company. Call ahead to get an idea of how the company works, the standards it ensures and the way the employees conduct themselves.

We hope that this guide helped ease any of your qualms about what to look for when hiring a company to clean your restaurant. MCA Group is your number one cleaning and janitorial service company in the GTA. We are completely bonded and insured and are a highly trusted professional company dedicated to sanitization and cleanliness. Our cleaning teams use the latest in eco-friendly products to make sure that your property is clean and customers are 100% satisfied. We provide all clients with a free estimate, custom tailored action plan, and cost-effective services unparalleled in the industry. For a free estimate please call or email our company at: (416) 884-1652 or info@mcagroup.ca.

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