Is It Time to Get Your Office Professionally Cleaned?

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We spend about 1/3rd of our day in the office and more than half our lives in the workplace. Therefore, a clean office is as important as a clean home because a clean workplace generates healthy ideas and a healthy workforce in general. However, your office may not be as clean as you think as so many people use the office space, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

Which Are The Dirtiest Areas In An Office?

You may find it hard to believe but your office desk is the number one tourist attraction for germs in the workplace. The keyboard alone has 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat, while the office telephone has around 25,000 germs per square inch. Did those figures not astonish and gross you out at the same time?

How To Keep Your Workspace Clean?

A few simple tricks can make your office a cleaner environment to be in, these are:

  • De-clutter your desk: A clean office desk will help keep the germs at bay and reduce chances of infection and sickness. Get rid of things that you don’t need or haven’t used in a few days. Remember the lesser number of things on your desk, the lesser number of germs on them.
  • Don’t eat food at your desk: Food crumbs attract bacteria and add to the mess on your desk.
  • Personal hygiene is a must: Carry a hand sanitizer and wash your hands thoroughly after using the washroom or after eating.
  • Don’t leave clothes in the workplace for too long: Whether it’s a scarf or a sweater, any piece of clothing left too long at the office is often as dirty as the office trash can.

Who Are The Office-Cleaning Experts?

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