Choosing Office Cleaning Companies in the Toronto Area

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As a property owner or manager, you are faced with important decisions regarding the cleanliness of your establishment. The benefits of hiring a cleaning company greatly outweigh the negatives, but how can you be sure about the company you are hiring? It’s always important to thoroughly research the professional cleaning companies you are considering taking on, to ensure you are choosing a reputable company that offers superior services and prices, so you can be confident in the state of your establishment.

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Office Cleaning Company

  • Look for Experience

The more years a company has under it’s belt, the more likely it is to be skilled in the standards of cleaning you expect. Well established companies that have been in the cleaning industry for many years are superior in their qualifications. A developed, established company is also more likely to have employees with the proper certifications, and will offer a more customized and personalized cleaning routine.

  • Evaluate Services

In addition to the routine packages such as dusting and vacuuming, try to look out for companies that are willing to provide you with extra services that your office location needs. Do you require a company capable of hardwood floor cleaning, bathroom and kitchen sanitation, carpet and upholstery cleaning, touch point cleaning, window washing, power washing, and more? Match your office’s needs to the services offered by your company of choice. The more comprehensive their service list, the more likely they are to meet your needs.

  • Look for Certifications

Rigid standards of quality and services are what makes a company professional. Commercial cleaning companies should be bonded, insured and hold the highest certifications. The cleaning company you are hiring should also have highly educated staff and should invest in new technologies continue to make their services better and better. With the assurance of quality through certification, you can be confident in your choice of company.

  • Look for Ease of Communication

Commercial cleaning companies should make it easy to give and get feedback on the quality of work, cleaning details, problems that arise or the results of inspections and jobs. If the company you are hiring I s not intent on customer service, save your time and money and look elsewhere.

  • Pick Within Your Location

A local company will be able to provide you with better times, easier access and more personalized services than an out of area cleaning company. Search through companies that service the GTA and look for a cleaning company that has a wide range of service and easy access.

  • Go Green

Green cleaning services are highly sought out, as they allow companies to make a better attempt at environmental friendliness, limiting chemical waste and promoting health and eco-conscious materials and practices. Look for cleaning companies that offer Green Cleaning by using products that meet established health and safety standards, use equipment that reduces water waste and noise pollution, and strives to minimize the negative impact cleaning has on the environment.

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