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There are commercial establishments that offer different services to people. It includes grocery stores, supermarket, malls, restaurants, convention centers and the like, which are considered to be essential to people. Due to the kind of services that these establishments offered, many people are benefiting from these commercial buildings. Thus, there is also the possibility of bankruptcy if customers or consumers will no longer patronize their provided products as well as services. And one of the many factors that lead the people to such decision is the cleanliness of the commercial establishment.

Some commercial establishment owners neglect the aspect of maintaining the cleanliness of their area because they only focus on the quality of products they are providing to people. As a result, some consumers prefer to go to a store, restaurant, malls and convention centers that have the ability to promote cleanliness and quality of service.

Commercial Cleaning Services in GTA & York Region – we Clean Offices, Restaurants, Banks, Hotels, Commercial and Industrial Business.


Looking for trusted commercial cleaning company will help you in maintaining the success of your business. MCA Group has over 20 years of experience in commercial cleaning across Toronto and Southern Ontario and is a sure help and your guaranteed partner in maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial establishment.

Commercial Cleaning Toronto & GTA

If you are a restaurant owner, cleanliness is the leading consideration of customers. If they know that the place is clean, the food that they will is also clean. Our team will be crystal clean all the mess whether in the dining area, kitchen and most especially in comfort room. MCA Group will do it in a very professional way with our restaurant cleaning service.

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Commercial restaurant cleaning

Malls, supermarkets, and grocery stores are establishments where you can expect countless of people who visit the place every day. With this fact, you can already conclude the possible dirt they can give in such establishments. Therefore, cleaning is necessary. MCA Group can extend their expertise no matter how big or small the establishments. Our Toronto commercial cleaning professionals in Toronto will do it with great expertise and skill when it comes to cleaning. The quality of cleanliness that this company will give to you is something that cannot be found in other businesses.

Convention centers are usually a place where people gather there to celebrate their once in a lifetime occasion such as a wedding, debut and even concerts and another kind of special gatherings. This is why these establishments necessitate of having a clean ambiance to make the occasion or gathering extra special. In doing so, you will need the expertise of MCA Group cleaning professionals. The company will make sure to cater the best of their skills and equipment to make sure that the convention centers are very clean to gather a special occasion or event. They will not make any moves that will sabotage the once in a lifetime event of yours.

MCA Group has all the expertise and efficient equipment that will exude your expectations when it comes to commercial cleaning. Our company is providing and will continue providing a kind of service that will obtain great clientele satisfaction.

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